How To Make It Work When You Just Can't Stand Your Ex [VIDEO]

There's no question that getting divorced is complicated. Having to plan ahead for what holidays will be like, not to mention what it means for your family, would give anyone mixed feelings. In fact, being angry about what happened and how you guys got here when everything seemed to be going right is only natural. Marrying someone and figuring out that they are a completely different person would make anyone angry. If you're wondering how you can possibly be civil without exploding at each other, that's where mediation comes in. For most, mediation is a much better way of going your separate ways than an outright lawsuit (and war). But can mediation work if you're still really mad at your ex?

Mediator Rachel Green insists that being angry is normal and can actually be really helpful in mediation. When she mentions that “Often anger will give us a clue, a roadmap to find the solution for how you need things structured for the future", we couldn't agree more! Of course you're going to be upset; you just lost your other half. But that doesn't mean that it's impossible to put aside your differences and put your family first. Even though it may take some time to cope and move on, there's no doubt that you'll both come out stronger because of it.