Just What Is A Normal Marriage, Exactly? [VIDEO]

When it comes to love, wanting to know if your relationship is healthy (or just plain normal) is pretty natural. No matter how great things are going, there's always going to be a part of us that wonders if what we're experiencing is par for the course; being anxious is just in our nature. it doesn't help that we sometimes let this anxiety get to us, making us feel as if we have to compare our own marriage to everyone else's.

But who knows what's supposed to happen? What does a normal marriage even look like, anyway?

Back then, marriage wasn't always about intimacy and sharing feelings; in fact, love wasn't always considered the be all and end all. If we spend so much time comparing ourselves to those around us, isn't that just setting ourselves up for failure? When author Dr. Sue Johnson YourTango Experts Senior VP Melanie Gorman and EFT trainers Elana KatzZoya Simakhodskaya, and George Faller talk about the uncertainty that goes through our minds for craving an emotional connection with our partners, they hit the mark perfectly. We should stop worrying about what critics tell us we should be getting out of our relationships and instead just focus on our own needs and wants. This isn't about looking for perfection; missing a step or two along the way is natural and what makes us human.