Calling All Lovers: Tinder Isn't Just For Hooking Up!

To all the hopeless romantics out there: You CAN swipe right to fall in love.

a couple holding their phones

Let’s face it. With the hookup culture we live in today, looking for love is like rocket science. Even though there are so many ways to find that one person who will be you resident cuddle buddy, it's getting harder for people to connect emotionally without thinking about the physical first. In fact, it seems as if all people care about is hooking up. What happened to actually taking the time to get to know someone? 

Expert Julie Spira talks about how Tinder, the mobile dating app currently taking the world by storm, can be used for hooking up — And for finding Prince Charming! When it comes to mobile dating, it's all about having an open mind. Why is dating through apps so taboo? If love is what you're looking for, it shouldn't matter what venue you use to find it. Whether it's at the grocery store, online, or at the library, where you meet someone isn't as important as how well you hit it off. Don't think of it as judging someone based off of their Tinder picture; think about it in the sense that you're just trying to find your perfect match. Who knows? Maybe a simple "Hey!" today can lead to a love that lasts a lifetime.