7 Women Reveal The Harsh Reason They Strayed From Their Partners

Here are the circumstances that caused these 7 women to cheat.

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When the topic of cheating comes up it's mostly focused on men. Why do men cheat? Who do they tend to cheat with? What are the warning signs that he is straying? Well, it's time to focus on the women who are also doing dirt.

So listen up as Essence readers reveal why they cheated in order to find out what situations make women look for an affair.

7 women reveal why the harsh reason they strayed from their partner:

1. Dorm daze

"I once slept with my boyfriend's college roommate while he went out to get us breakfast. There was a lot of chemistry between us and it all just happened so fast. I felt so bad when he returned that I almost threw up. I told him months later and he couldn’t forgive me. I don't blame him." - W.W


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2. Funny seeing you here

“My current boyfriend was out of town for the weekend and I bumped into an ex from way-way back while shopping at a nearby Target. We talked in his car in the parking lot for hours and I’m not proud of what happened next. Never told a soul but it happened.” – T.S

3. Sorry, honey!

“I cheated on my husband because I was tired of him watching videos instead of watching anything I ever did. He liked the videos more than me at that time, so I found something I liked more than him. I ended the affair and we’re both in a better place now. I don’t think he suspects anything but it will always weigh heavy on my heart.” – A.L.


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4. On second that

“I cheated on my boyfriend just because he wasn’t giving me enough attention at the time. Then along came *Mike, this charming guy and I fell for him at hello. We’re together now but I regret everything that ever happened then. Later on, he still discovered that I cheated on him.” – C.H.

5. Close call

“I cheated on my ex-boyfriend because he was a cheater himself. I was getting even with him. But it turned out very badly. He almost killed me when he found out, so I had to leave him.”

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6. Two can play that game

“I must admit that I have cheated before. I met this man I thought was the perfect guy for me. He had everything my mate was missing so I started a relationship with him. Come to find out, the guy was already married. But by the time I found out, I was already so in love with him. To make a long story short, I separated from my mate to be this man’s sidepiece for two years. I soon found out that he was cheating on me. I went back to my guy and left that man alone. It doesn’t pay to cheat. It might feel good in the beginning, but in the end, it hurts everyone.” – A.F.


7. Where is the love?

“I cheated on my boyfriend because I felt neglected. Whenever I wanted to hang out with him, he said he just wasn’t feeling up to going out. I cheated on him with the guy I met during the first year I dated my boyfriend. I felt guilty immediately and whenever I was with him I couldn’t look him in the eyes. That’s how scared I was. I felt like my boyfriend knew that I was cheating on him. Now we’re no longer dating.” – L.

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