Woman Doesn't Want To Marry Her Boyfriend Of 7 Years After He Proposed At McDonald's With A Silver Ring

“I think anything but that would’ve been better.”

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Proposals are meant to be sentimental, special, and oftentimes planned. You’re asking someone to be in your life forever.

It’s not a small commitment and shouldn’t be treated like one. As such, people have very strong opinions about “the right way” to pop the question — including one woman on Reddit

After her boyfriend of seven years finally proposed, she was not only shocked but incredibly disappointed. 


After being together for 7 years, the woman was disappointed when her boyfriend chose to propose at McDonald's with a silver ring.

“I know this might seem stupid and ungrateful,” she wrote, “but honestly, I am too upset to even care.” 



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Seeking advice on Reddit, the woman shared that she’s been living in a state of shock, disappointment, and confusion. “He proposed to me at a McDonald’s near our house. He got on his knees in the middle of us eating and asked if I wanted to marry him with a silver ring,” she wrote.

As other restaurant patrons looked on, she couldn’t help but burst into tears and accept. “I didn’t want to embarrass him… [Pity and disgust] is how I felt at that moment.” 

Not only did they discuss marriage recently, but she also mentioned the importance of a romantic proposal and a gold ring to him. 

Despite her feelings for her “dream man,” the entire proposal was a complete disappointment. The root of the issue? The venue and the ring. 

Woman Doesn’t Want To Marry Her Boyfriend After He Proposed At McDonalds Photo: Studioportosabbia / CanvaPro


“We talk about [proposing] twice a month, with him usually bringing it up,” she wrote. “I told him I wanted my mom, dad, and my sister to be there… and for it to be in a romantic setting.”

In addition to that, she’d made it incredibly clear that she’d “never want a silver ring” — as she only ever wears gold. “I hate silver jewelry. I’m a gold girl, and he knows it… We make jokes about how much I hate it.” 

She admitted that her perspective may be a bit superficial, but she was adamant about her belief in the importance of a thoughtful proposal. If you’re thinking about the proposal enough to ask your partner what they’d like, it’d probably be best to actually listen to them

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“A: He’s an idiot who doesn’t hear or care about a thing you actually like. B: He’s testing the bare minimum boundaries that you will accept. C: He actually wants you to initiate a breakup so he is not the bad guy, and you look horrible,” one commenter theorized. 

Of course, marriages and even proposals are not about the luxury, money, or material things that come with them, but sentiment and effort aren’t intertwined with them either. You can make an effort, listen to your partner, and make the moment special without spending a dollar. 

His failed proposal left them in a weird place — ‘I don’t think this is the type of person I want to marry.’ 

Was his lack of effort the death knell for their relationship? 

Life coach Michelle Leleman explained that many people “give themselves away” when making grand gestures for proposals — often because they fail to put the same effort into their relationships. 




However, the young woman made it clear that her boyfriend puts a great deal of effort into their relationship and daily lives. “He is literally my dream man. He takes me out to dinner every Friday, buys me things without having to ask, and takes me out on trips spontaneously,” she wrote.

The security and love that blossomed in her long-term relationship with him is why this “rushed” proposal was such a shock. “It just threw me off all the way, which is where a lot of this anger and sadness is coming from.” 


Many commenters suggested her boyfriend “went out of his way” to propose in a way that she absolutely didn’t want, especially because she mentioned the numerous times they’d discussed marriage. “Therapy,” one commenter suggested. “That’s literally the only way I’d be able to salvage a connection after something like that… he knew how special and intimate of a proposal you wanted, and he completely ignored it.” 

Perhaps he honestly thought the only way he could surprise her was to give her the proposal she least expected. However, after seven years together, he should have known better. Communication is vital to the success of any relationship, and his disregard for the importance of this moment, knowing her the way he should, doesn't bode well for their future. 

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