Woman 'Devastated' That Her Boyfriend Used The Inheritance Left By Her Late Family Members To Pay Off His Debt

This was the ultimate betrayal.

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All couples have their challenges. It’s just a natural part of being in a relationship. But when those challenges reach a level where you don’t know if your relationship can survive, what do you do? 

One woman has been left wondering.

A woman found out that her boyfriend stole the inheritance money she had been saving.

An anonymous woman posted on Reddit desperate for advice after she learned her boyfriend betrayed her by stealing from her.


She provided some background information on her situation so readers would understand what happened.

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“I have worked for the family business since I was 18 years old, and honestly, it would be great if I didn’t have to work with the same people I see on the holidays,” she explained. “My family can be, in a word, toxic.”


This woman was lucky enough to come into some money that made her think she could finally get out from under her family’s thumb.

“When my grandmother passed away about three years ago, I was willed some liquid assets that had belonged to her and my grandfather (gems, jewelry, precious metals, cash, etc.) and their house they had had since the '60s,” she said. “And honestly, this was a blessing. With that inheritance I finally felt like I could pull free from my family and get out of the family business and take time to go back to school and do something I was passionate about.”

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There was just one catch. “I had no savings at the time and wanted to get a decent amount saved before I quit,” she said. “At this time, an opportunity opened up at work; the pay was way higher but required four to seven months of travel time a year. I talked it over with my [boyfriend], and we decided that we only needed two years to save up what we needed. I took the job and prepared to leave for two months for training at the main branch.”

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While she was away at training, her boyfriend quit his job, claiming it was too much for him and he just 'had to.'

The woman admitted that she was worried, but her boyfriend claimed that “he wouldn’t need any help with his personal bills,” so they continued on their path.

Her boyfriend never got a new job, and after a year “had only taken up gig work and temp jobs.” But he still covered his own bills and contributed to joint expenses when he could, so she didn’t complain too much.


Or, so she thought.

“I’ve sacrificed the last two years of my life to make enough to be able to live my life the way I want to,” she said. “And he tells me last week that he has been paying his personal bills by selling the things my grandparents had willed me that I had left in a safe that was hidden in the house.”

Reddit commenters urged the woman to take legal action against her boyfriend.

This woman’s fellow Redditors gave her solid advice — mainly that she should leave her boyfriend. Many also encouraged her to contact the police since he had stolen from her.


“Break up. Evict him. File a police report,” one person said.

“You don’t come back from this; you go to the police,” another added.

A third person suggested, “I would call the police about getting robbed while you were out of town.”


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According to The United States government’s website, “To file a police report, search online for the local law enforcement agency’s contact information where the crime occurred. Most local law enforcement agencies accept anonymous tips or crime reports online or by phone.”

This woman has been through something unimaginable. The person she trusted most in the world violated that trust. She has every right to file a police report against him.


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