Woman Breaks Up With Boyfriend & Destroys His Lego Sets After He Throws Away Her Special Teddy Bear

She was left extremely hurt because of how much sentimental value there was in her stuffed animal.

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A woman admitted that she felt "betrayed" after her boyfriend discarded something of hers that held sentimental value. 

Posting to the subreddit "r/TwoHotTakes," she claimed that her boyfriend drove her to end their relationship after his complete disregard for her personal belongings.

Her boyfriend threw out her teddy bear, which meant a lot to her.

In her Reddit post, the 24-year-old explained that she's been living with her boyfriend, 25, for the past eight months. One of the things that she brought with her when they moved in was a sentimental and valuable teddy bear. When she was 8, her grandmother, who was battling cancer, gave it to her.


"It was stage 4 and spread quickly, and there was nothing they could do. She gave me a teddy bear and told me to take care of it, and I could talk to the teddy bear whenever I missed her," she recalled.

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Inside the teddy bear was a talking mic that would say, "I hope you’re feeling loved today because I love you more than all the stars in the sky and all the fish in the sea, and you mean the world to me," which is a phrase that her grandmother would say to her whenever she'd spend the night at her house. 

Her boyfriend was more than aware of how much the teddy bear meant and had seen his girlfriend hugging the stuffed animal and talking to it on multiple occasions.

However, one day, her boyfriend claimed that the bear was "raggedy" and "not appealing to look at" and decided to take it upon himself to get rid of it. 

While the bear was in rough shape, she insisted that it was hers and gifted to her by a family member who was no longer on this Earth. It meant more to her than any other bear that she could get to replace it. On top of that, he had no right to deem a sentimental item that didn't belong to him as unworthy.


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When she went looking for her bear, she panicked when she couldn't find it. All the while, her boyfriend just sat and watched her tearfully search their house

He finally admitted to her that he'd thrown the stuffed animal out because he hated coming into the bedroom and seeing it there. Again, this cruel and callous act was something that he knew would hurt his girlfriend, and yet he did it anyway. 


She broke up with him and destroyed his Lego sets because of what he did to her bear.

"He likes to spend time on Legos and building them. He’s built the Eiffel Tower, the Harry Potter tower, a cherry blossom tree, and dozens of others. I went to his room, and I destroyed them all. I threw the pieces around the room and out the window and in the garbage," she continued. 

Her boyfriend, livid, came in and started screaming at her about how she had no right to touch the things that he'd bought with his money after he'd spent hours working on it. She told him that she simply didn't care because she was breaking up with him. He accused her of overreacting, but she didn't budge and informed him that he had a week to get his things and move out.

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"In the moment I didn’t feel bad but now I kind of do because that’s his hobby but I was so hurt and betrayed by what he did. He’s even called me a few times saying he’ll get me another, and we can work on things and don’t throw away 3 years over a mistake, but I am completely disgusted by him."

What her boyfriend doesn't seem to understand is that it won't matter if he buys her a replacement teddy bear because the value of the one she got from her grandmother can never be replaced. 

It's not even about the physical stuffed animal and all of the memories attached to it, but rather about his total lack of regard for her feelings. Her destroying his Lego sets can never compare to losing the last thing she ever got from her late grandmother.


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