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Woman Dating A 'Broke Guy' With A Great Personality Says It Probably Won't Last If She Doesn't Start Making More Money

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A woman has stirred a conversation around the expectations that many people have in their relationships after admitting that she isn't happy dating a "broke guy."

In a TikTok video, Jennifer, an Atlanta-based content creator, revealed that she is currently dating a guy that she really and truly likes, but his financial status is causing her to worry about the future of their relationship.

Jennifer is dating a 'broke guy' with a great personality but says it probably won't last unless he starts making more money.

"I'm dating a broke guy and it really sucks because he has the best personality. I have so much fun with him, but it's gotten to the point where right now, I'm not doing financially well as I normally do," Jennifer said in her video.

She explained that in the past, she and this guy would take trips together, that she would normally pay for. But it's not just trips — Jennifer recalled that going to concerts with him in the past meant that she was the one paying for those tickets, too. She claimed that though he did all he could, it wasn't enough for her, and now that she's not in a good financial position, she can't afford to pay for two people any longer.



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"I can't even afford to do things just myself right now. Because I can't afford to do things for two, we actually don't do anything," she continued.

Jennifer said that the last time she and this guy did anything was in September for her birthday. She added that it makes her feel even more upset because she sees other women talking on social media about all of the expensive trips their boyfriends are taking them on and the extravagant gifts they're getting, while she, dating a broke guy, can't relate.

Woman Dating A Broke Guy With A Great Personality Says It Won't LastPhoto: tommaso79 / Canva Pro

"I feel like it's kind of getting to the point where if I'm not the breadwinner, I don't think that I'm gonna be able to be with this person," she remarked.

This realization hit her hard because there's nothing wrong with their relationship except for the fact that he doesn't make a lot of money and can't financially support her.

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In response to Jennifer's dilemma, people were split on whether she should leave him or give him a chance.

Jennifer's video ended up making the rounds on X, where many individuals were on the fence about whether her concerns regarding the financial gap in her relationship were enough to warrant a breakup.

She explained that while the guy she's dating does have a good job, with the cost of living steadily increasing, he's found himself in staggering amounts of debt. Fed up with the relationship not being what she wants it to be, people either agreed that she should leave or encouraged her to stop comparing herself to other couples that she sees online.

"Luxury isn't always about material wealth, but about the richness of experiences and the depth of connections," one X user wrote. "Perhaps it's worthwhile for her to reevaluate what truly matters in a relationship, instead of comparing her life to the seemingly perfect snapshots on social media."

Another X user added, "Comparison is the thief of joy. Stop looking online at what other people do in their fake lives to gauge if your man is doing 'enough.' You just said he’s doing what he can … please leave so he can be with someone who appreciates him."

In the comments section of her TikTok video, a third user wrote, "His baggage will become your baggage and you don’t want financial baggage with a man who can’t manage his finances."

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If a 'broke' boyfriend is a dating dealbreaker then you need to own it and be honest with your partner.

This discourse of dating "broke" people has been circulating online for some time, and Jennifer isn't the first woman who's expressed disinterest in dating someone who isn't doing well financially.



Of course, it's unrealistic to think most people are making mounds of money, especially in this economy when people are struggling to meet their basic needs and find jobs that are paying a livable wage.

However, certain people have specific expectations for relationships and some of those expectations include money. They want someone making either the same amount they are, or way more. They expect a certain lifestyle and want that to be fulfilled by their partner.

It's no one's right to criticize those people, but these types of expectations shouldn't overshadow when someone is being a loving, supportive, and caring partner, either.

At the end of the day, if someone you're with isn't checking all of the boxes you look for in a potential partner, you have every right to leave and find someone who will, but you should never compare a relationship to others that are broadcasted online. It's not healthy and will be the biggest roadblock to achieving happiness and love.

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