Wife 'Disheartened' After Spending Her 10-Year Anniversary Alone Because Her Husband Refused To Plan Anything

She was disappointed that her husband just wanted to stay home.

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A woman admitted that she was extremely disappointed in her husband's lack of preparation and enthusiasm for their wedding anniversary. 

Posting to Reddit, she claimed that her husband didn't offer a single idea or way for them to celebrate their anniversary, and she was left to celebrate without him.

She was 'disheartened' after spending her 10-year anniversary alone because her husband refused to plan anything.

In her since-deleted Reddit post, the 37-year-old woman explained that she'd been married to her husband for a whole decade, and she assumed that he would want to celebrate such a milestone. To prepare, she took off work, expecting that they would at least be spending the day together, but unfortunately, that didn't end up being the case.


"On our anniversary, when I woke up, I saw my gift on my end table. It wasn't wrapped, but I really did like the gift, so I didn't take issue. After I dropped our kids off at the bus stop, I went home and made him breakfast," she recalled. Her husband was still asleep when she took the tray to him, so she ended up eating the food herself.

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When he eventually woke up a few hours later, all he said to her was "Happy Anniversary" before going to the kitchen and making himself breakfast. She questioned if he had anything special planned for the two of them, and he simply replied that all he wanted to do was relax. 

She, on the other hand, admitted that she wanted to go out to either a restaurant or see a movie.

Even if it wasn't any of those things, she was happy going out and it just being the two of them, but her husband immediately shut the idea down and reiterated that he just wanted to stay home and do nothing. By then, she claimed that she was incredibly "disheartened" by her husband's attitude and left him alone.

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"About 20 minutes later, I [got] dressed [ed] up and headed [ed] out with a warning. I just treated myself to the spa, shopping, and stuff like that," she continued. When I got back, he was with our kids, and by the time they went to bed, he brought up the fact that I left and asked why I did so."

She told him that she wasn't happy with sitting in bed and doing nothing all day just because he wanted to, and accused him of not wanting to spend today of all days with her, so she felt that it wouldn't be an issue if she decided to spend the day with herself. While the two ended up talking it out in the end, she questioned if her actions were wrong.

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People in the comments section agreed that she should've made it known how she wanted to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

A 10-year anniversary is a big deal, you've just spent an entire decade with someone, and it's understandable that this woman would want to celebrate that milestone with her husband


Even if it was something small, like getting dinner after their kids were asleep, going out for ice cream, or taking a walk in the park. All she wanted from her husband was an acknowledgment that he felt the same way that she did about their anniversary, but instead, all he wanted to do was stay home and relax on the couch

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At the same time, while her husband should have made more of an effort, she should've communicated her desire before their anniversary. In the weeks or days leading up to it, she should've sat down with him and questioned if he wanted to do anything special while also making it known that she had some ideas of how they could celebrate their day. 


They could've compromised and done something relaxing, like her husband wanted, and also spent the day together like she wanted. Many people agreed with this sentiment in the comments section, pointing out that both she and her husband were slightly in the wrong.

"My husband and I have been married for 20 years. We ALWAYS discuss our anniversary plans in advance, as well as birthday and Mother's Day/Father's Day plans, so there are no surprises or disappointments. You and [your] husband need to open that line of communication and stop expecting the other to be a mind reader," one Reddit user pointed out.

Another user added, "Neither of you was on the same page, and neither of you communicated about your milestone in advance. The ensuing resentments and lack of care for each other about your anniversary shows you have some work to do. A big milestone like that should be talked about and planned together well in advance- not on the day of."


Hopefully, for future anniversaries and important events, this woman and her husband will learn from their past mistakes and communicate their expectations and hopes for that day instead of assuming that the other person just wants to do the same thing that they plan on doing.

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