Wife Can't Forgive Husband After He Buys House In His Parents' Names So It Is Not Connected To Her

It looks like he's trying to keep her away from the house and his finances.

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Fighting over money happens fairly frequently in relationships. Some would even argue that it’s normal. But, when something big happens, like buying a house, it’s usually something everyone has to agree on beforehand.

One husband decided that didn’t need to be the case when he purchased a house, all while using his friend’s advice on doing so.

A husband bought a house in his parents’ names so it would not be connected to his wife in any way.

An upset woman posted on Reddit looking for guidance after her husband did something that she said she was unable to forgive him for.


“My husband and I have been married for over two years,” she said. “My husband runs a business, so for the past few years, I have been staying at home taking care of our child.”

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After providing this background information, the woman dove right into the heart of the issue.

“A few months ago, we discussed buying a house, and I overheard him talking on the phone with his father about putting the house under his father’s name,” she explained. “I didn’t say anything about it because I thought it was his own money, and he wanted to make his parents happy, so I reassured myself in that way.”

Unfortunately for her, her husband had something shadier in mind.

“But I was truly devastated when I found out that he listened to his friend’s advice to put the house under his parents' name and then transfer[red] it to his name separately so that the property wouldn’t be legally connected to me during our marriage,” she shared. “I was surprised how he could go along with that idea when we have been living together, raising children, and never had any conflicts.”


This wife was furious and heartbroken. “I couldn’t keep my calm and caused a scene, and the house-buying plan was postponed,” she said.

Her husband tried to make things right but in an interesting way. “After that, I cried a lot, and he apologized and took me shopping for things to make up for it,” she shared. “But until now, whenever I think about it, I feel indescribably sad. I can’t forget it, and I can’t forgive him.”

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There could be some legal concerns regarding the husband’s house purchase.

Atlanta-based lawyers Nick Lotito and Seth Kirschenbaum addressed the topic of buying a house in another person’s name, or for another person altogether, on their website.

There is nothing inherently illegal with buying a house in someone else’s name, but it can get messy.

“While there is generally nothing illegal about buying something for someone else, large purchases can be a different story because they oftentimes require financing from a bank,” they said. “It’s at this part of the process that things can go from innocent purchase to illegal activity.”


Lotito and Kirschenbaum explained, “When an individual applies for a mortgage, the bank’s presumption is that the individual is going to be making the payments. By looking at a person’s credit history, they determine the likelihood of the individual defaulting on payments, making a decision about whether to lend based on this information.”

@fairellfirmfamilylaw If you buy a house for your mama, side chick/dude, friend etc while married and your name is on it…its marital and subject to division. Yes, your mama could end up without a house to live in unless you pay your spouse their equity interest. #Divorce #DivorceAttorney #MaritalAssets #FairellFirm ♬ original sound - The Fairell Firm

“But if another party, say the individual’s parents, is making these payments instead, the bank doesn’t know the risk of default,” they continued. “It’s because of this that you could be accused of fraud.”

It’s not clear from the wife’s Reddit post who exactly will be making the mortgage payments and how that would factor into the potential for fraud. However, it is apparent that this is a confusing matter that requires a lot of thought and possibly legal counsel.


Regardless of the actual logistics of the purchase, what really matters is that this husband went behind his wife’s back to do something he knew would hurt her. 

They need to have a serious discussion about this and about their lives moving forward.

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