10 Critical Reasons Women Turn Cold On Men They Love

...and how to warm them up.

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Romantic relationships are the most endearing-but-fragile undertaking of human existence.

While most relationships begin as happy, couples move through the phases, the spark gradually dies, and the affection simmers. It is then when the 'honeymoon phase' dies and real hardships of relationships commence.

That's when coldness creeps in with hardship and challenges, and it becomes harder to sustain the relationship.


It is not only the inevitable hardships and challenges that force women to treat their partners coldly, but several other reasons as well.

Women don't just flip their attitude towards their partners and show cold behavior. It is, in fact, a lot more complex and deeper than it appears on the front.

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Here are ten reasons why women begin to treat their partners coldly

1. The 'honeymoon phase' ended

As the relationship progresses, the fire of interest in one another often dies down. This can be from either side of the partners, but the effect of it on the relationship will be the same nonetheless.


This loss of interest also inflects boredom in the relationship and feelings of hurt, betrayal, and anger.

2. His behavior toward her has changed 

Common terms in fights can be: 'you have changed' or 'you were not like this before'.

Both these terms refer to the dissatisfaction women express with their partners. This commonly signifies how their partner was more sensitive, affectionate, and good to them before, which has now changed. This change, in most cases, results in women turning cold towards their partners. 

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3. She is no longer his priority 

Women love to be the center of attention in their partner's life. Small gestures, words of appreciation, and even gifts show women they are still a priority in their partner's life.


Similarly, ignorance and choosing every other aspect above them depicts how they no longer are your priority.

4. He has stopped grooming and/or taking care of himself 

There are many speculations about how important looks are in a relationship. Contrary to this popular misconception, how you present yourself matters.

A well-groomed man is a hundred times more impressive than a shabby one. Women love it when their partner is well-groomed and maintains his hygiene.

If the partner is not taking care of himself and isn't hygienic, there is a complete possibility that the woman in the relationship will shy away.

5. Long-distance love is taking its toll

Long distance relationships are among the diciest and most difficult to handle. Firstly there has been no physical connection here for a very long duration.


Secondly, doubts and irrational thoughts can grow with each passing day.

Thirdly you can easily become more occupied in your current lifestyle than with your partner, which makes the relationship fail. As these long-distance relationship hindrances take over, women go increasingly colder toward their partners.

6. Parents disapprove — whether his or hers

Many times, parents disagree with your choice of your partner, and this causes an issue with the relationship. The constant bickering between the partner and parents causes a lot of tension and stress, creating a disconnect. 

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7. She is being influenced by outside forces

In the age of social media, humans tend to care a lot about public opinion. So when an onlooker or a friend points out a flaw of your partner, it will affect you.


Also, when a friend or well-wisher pinpoints a shortcoming of your partner that you overlooked, it forces you to ponder it. This entire exchange makes you act differently around your partner.

8. The connection has faded in the bedroom 

Physical intimacy is very important in a romantic relationship. If the guy cannot satisfy the woman in this department, the cold attitude is pretty close.

9. He's showing attention to other women 

If there is one thing that no sane woman will ever tolerate: cheating and their man gloating around other women. This can make the woman grow colder towards you and break the relationship. 

10. One of the partners becomes too materialistic  

This is a two-way sword. If the woman wants luxury, but the man can't afford it, then the woman slowly exits the relationship. Also, if the man is too materialistic and runs after money, ignoring his partner, the woman is cold in the relationship. 


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Now that the causes are out let's address how coldness can be driven away and allow warmness to seep back into the relationship. 

Ways to warm up the relationship after it has gone cold:

1. Restart the relationship to rekindle the sparks.

Date evenings are frequently prescribed to fight off fatigue in a relationship. The excitement of preparing and feeling butterflies at what lies ahead can assist a relationship with feeling invigorated. Spend quality time and get to know each other all over again.   

2. Communicate using each other's love language.

Nothing increases the intensity of a relationship more than when we feel known and focused on. Communicating in somebody's love language is a fundamental element of the association. Figure out your better half's way of expressing affection, and talk about it consistently.


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3. Add fun to your sex life.

Have things in bed become monotonous? Ponder how you can flavor things up. Try another position, indulge in fantasies, and more. However, you don't need to swing from the crystal fixtures for sex to be great. Over the long run, that personal association might bring you much nearer.


4. Truly listen to your partner.

Something unique about it is being heard and understood, particularly by the individual you love. Lives can get so occupied.

Stress can dominate, and your accomplice can become an unloading ground for every one of the hardships of your day. Indeed, it's vital to permit each other to offload. But at the same time, paying attention to what they're discussing is vital.

Relationships are a beautiful undertaking. Efforts from both sides ensure a successful relationship. Both men and women need to adjust and put their best foot forward.

Be empathetic towards each other and work on the issues of the relationship. However, if you feel like the crisis in your relationship is extreme and no amount of effort can make ends meet. Then consider going for couples therapy.


External help may allow a significant amount of warmth to seep into your relationship and make it healthy, passionate, and strong. 

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Sidhharrth S Kumaar is an Astro-numerologist and Founder of NumroVani. He couples his knowledge of the occult and modern sciences together to solve real-world problems in the areas of mental well-being and relationship growth. He is also youngest numerologist to be a TEDx Speaker.