5 Ways Women Disgust Men (According To Guys On Reddit)

It's always nice to hear from men what women are doing wrong. (Sarcasm.)

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Dating is hard. It's even harder when you get rejected and are left with absolutely no idea why.

But you continue to put yourself out there, date after date, hoping each time that it will be different. This time he's really going to like me and he'll ask me out again.

And after just a few months more, he's totally going to ask me to be his girlfriend. And then we'll get married. And have babies. And live happily ever after.


Nothing can possibly go wrong.

And then ...REJECTION! Again. So then, of course. you ask yourself: Why me? What I'm doing wrong? Is it something I said? Why does this keep happening to me? So many questions and zero answers.

Until now.

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These commentators over on Reddit decided to launch a post in which men (and women, but mostly men) can explain to women the things we do that turn absolutely them off.

And it's pretty brilliant — a little harsh sometimes, but mostly brilliant.

Men from all ponds of the dating pool have shared story after story relating the ways women have turned them off in the past. Some of them you may call BS on and some you may relate to. Hopefully, these selections we found will help you figure out what you can do or say differently next time ...

Or maybe just come to the realization that you're perfectly happy being single, thank you very much.

Here are 5 ways women disgust men, according to guys on Reddit:

1. Women who comes across as "spoiled"

"Entitlement and an attitude that men are ATMs. 'I had a rich daddy who spoiled me, and now I have a lifestyle that I've become accustomed to. You can't or won't pay for my time? I'll find someone who will.'"


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2. Women who insult other people 

"The need to put other people down. I can't stand it when someone has the constant need to see the worst in other people and let those around them know about it."

3. Women with a short fuse 

"My girlfriend has this problem and it's been a serious test for me throughout our relationship not to lose my sh*t on her. She handles stress like a toddler. A minor inconvenience or difficulty in her life can completely derail her to the point where she can't do anything except focus on the issue. So many times I've just wanted to tell her to get over it and behave like an adult, but that will just lead to a fight so I keep my trap shut and try to help alleviate some of the stress. But seriously, sometimes I feel like I'm dealing with an overly emotional child."

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4. Women who can't see another person's perspective

"Inability to understand someone else's perspective. Like when someone can't put themselves in another person's and understand that they would feel differently given another person's situation. It's staggering how so many people claim to have empathy but have massive blind spots."

5. Women who are majorly insecure

"Insecurity — because it presents itself in all sorts of ways. Jealousy, clinginess, being controlling/demanding, being overly sensitive. If someone needs me to make them feel better about themselves, they need therapy, not a relationship."

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