3 Tragic Signs You're Dating A Caveman

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For thousands of years, guys have been blaming their misogynistic behavior on their genetics.

If you're a woman, and you want to have a long-lasting, happy, and fulfilling relationship, become aware of the three danger signs that can reveal a misogynistic guy who is only interested in you as his next conquest.

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Here are 3 tragic signs you're dating a caveman:

1. He moves too fast.

For a misogynist, the game is all about the excitement of the hunt and the adrenaline of bagging the "prize". Once he captures his victim and the excitement wears off, he is off to hunt again.

They say how they think and act is not their fault, and it's all predetermined because of the seeds of their forefathers. They rationalize their behavior by relating it to the role of the caveman back in the Stone Age.

They argue that back in prehistoric periods, one of the caveman's responsibilities was to be the provider, and how he provided was by hunting for food. For many of these cavemen, the adrenaline they experienced became more intoxicating than the feeling they got from providing for their loved ones. This is a myth.

When backed up by science, there is no "caveman genetic marker" that allows men to act like animals and do what they want without considering how their decisions affect the women in their lives.

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2. He only focuses on the physical.

Physicality is an important part of a healthy relationship between people, but when a guy is focused on physicality and isn't showing you that he can be a good partner outside of the bedroom, he is demonstrating that he has some evolving to do.

As a former caveman excuser who was pretty good at living a misogynistic lifestyle, I can understand this mentality. It's good for a short-term adrenaline rush and an ego boost. Unfortunately, this short-term rush rarely leads to long-term happiness and fulfillment.

As a convenient way of rationalizing, many misogynists also look to nature to support their behavior. However, there is a flaw in this argument. Human beings are creatures of evolution with minds that think and process. Animals are said to be driven primarily by two instincts: survival and reproduction. So, the science follows that male animals like wolves are more focused on the family than the Aplha myths would have you believe.

Human beings — because of their diverse and complicated nature — interact for a multitude of reasons. Using the argument that men are allowed access to whoever, whenever they want because they're men is just excusing oppression and power-tripping. Many of these guys have blamed their behavior on genetic makeup as an excuse for their misogynistic behavior.



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3. He exhibits sudden behavioral changes.

When a guy's behavior suddenly changes from hot to cold, it is a telltale sign that emotionally he is stuck and projecting his insecurities through misogynistic behavior.

Again, I understand this. It served me well for many years until I finally realized my behavior and actions had consequences for myself and others. That is the difference between a misogynist and a man. A man takes responsibility for his words and actions and realizes he can not justify abnormal, irrational, or oppressive behavior and objectification of women.

There comes a time in a guy's life when there is a rite of passage when he ultimately becomes a man. Many religions and cultures often have ceremonies and events which celebrate this time. Unfortunately, many of the guys who experience these rites of passage, and a lot of those who never go through them, never emotionally grow up and evolve into responsible and mature adults.

If you would like to have a happy and fulfilling relationship, it would serve you best if you avoided those guys who consistently exhibit any danger signs.

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