5 Signs You're Slowly Losing Interest In Your Partner

If you're feeling like this, your relationship may be going downhill fast.

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You and your partner have been going through a rough patch lately. There's distance between you two, and every time you talk to each other, there is always a barrier that you just can't seem to break through.

During times like these, it's normal to question if it's all in your head. And it's normal to ask yourself if you're still in love with your partner or if you've simply lost interest in them.

Thankfully, licensed therapist Jeff Guenther sits down to discuss the five signs you're losing interest in your partner.

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5 Signs You're Slowly Losing Interest In Your Partner

1. You've abandoned yourself

"When you start to lose touch with your authentic self it's a sign something may be off in your relationship," says Guenther.


In a healthy relationship, it's uncommon to sacrifice your true desires, identity, or passions to keep your partner happy. And It's especially uncommon to lose yourself just to keep the peace.

However, what happens if we willingly choose to sacrifice these things? Guenther warns that this can lead to contempt and resentment.

And according to the Gottman Institute, contempt, and resentment are two out of the four horsemen that can predict the end of your relationship. With contempt being the number one predictor of divorce.

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2. A lack of open and honest communication

"Communication is key to any long-term relationship," begins Guenther. Yet, it's the most common cause of any relationship's downfall.

And if you find yourself lacking open and honest communication in your relationship, then this could be a sign your relationship is dwindling.

Moreover, when honesty is missing in your relationship, more problems can arise as misunderstandings and frustration begin to creep in.

3. You don't appreciate your partner

Let's face it, we all want to feel loved and seen. As Guenther says, "How good does it feel to be appreciated? Amazing right?"

When we take the time to acknowledge our partner's effort it can only bring happiness and connection back into the relationship. However, what happens if we don't acknowledge their efforts?


Guenther explains, "This lack of appreciation can erode the foundation of your relationship leaving both partners feeling undervalued."

So, do you remember the last time you expressed appreciation to your partner? If not, then this might be a sign you're taking them for granted.

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4. No quality time

"Quality time is the lifeblood of healthy connected relationships," begins Guenther. He continues, "If you're not carving out moments to be fully present with your partner it can lead to feelings of neglect and isolation."

And don't get me wrong, life is busy. We get so caught up with our work our school that we sometimes forget to reconnect with our partner.


But that's why it's important to refocus and find ways to prioritize spending quality time with our partner.

And whether it's setting a reminder or scheduling a few days each week, putting in the effort to maintain communication will only benefit your relationship in the long run.

"That said, when other activities and responsibilities consistently take precedence it might be a signal that your relationship is no longer a priority," says Guenther.

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5. You're meeting important needs outside of your relationship

Do you always find yourself going to your friends when you're feeling lonely? Or do you always seek out other forms of intimacy in other relationships? Listen, your partner isn't always going to meet every single one of your needs.

"But if you're regularly looking outside your relationship to meet your mental, emotional, creative, or physical needs, that could be a sign that you've given up trying to connect with your partner," explains Guenther.

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