6 Subtle Signs She's Giving Up On You And Your Relationship

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Most people say the day that they will always remember is their wedding day, the birth of their first child, or winning the lottery. For me, it was the day that I asked my husband for a divorce.

I can still see the excruciating pain in his eyes, and I can still hear the raw shock in his voice when he realized I was done with him.

He fell to his knees in a puddle of his tears, and all I could think was, “Why are you so surprised?”

I had told him over, and over again that I wasn’t happy. I gave it a lot of time, hoping he would meet me in the middle, and it just never happened.

When a women is done, she is done.

We will secretly and subconsciously plan our escape into freedom with each day that passes and nothing in the relationship has changed.

The good news is you have the power to bring her back before it's too late if you look for the signs she is giving up on you and your relationship soon enough.

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6 subtle signs a woman is giving up on you and is done with your relationship

1. She is irritable with you often.

It is time to stop blaming it on that time of the month. If she is short and snappy with you, she is upset about something.

Irritability can be excused from time to time, but you need to be aware of how long her short fuse is lasting. Most men like to avoid confrontation, but that will be the silent killer of your relationship.

You'll want to sit her down and get to the cause of what is setting off her sensor.

2. She is working more than usual.

An ambitious, driven woman is going to bring a lot of value to your table, including a nice paycheck. You don’t want to mistake what her sudden long days at work mean.

A woman who does not feel like she is being appreciated at home will take her career drive into over haul because it comes with more validation and less of you.

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3. Her social life doesn't include you.

You should be alarmed if you used to go to social events together and now her schedule consists of only drinks with her co-workers after work and happy hour with her girlfriends. She is not trying to do you a favor because you don’t like to go out much anyway; she is using that to her advantage.

You need to understand that she is filling a void by filling up her martini glass with everyone else besides you.

4. Your opinion doesn't matter to her.

Even an independent woman still values the opinion of her man. If you are trying to give input, and she shuts you down quickly, she is telling you loud and clear that she does not care.

Be careful not to let this reaction make you think it is a good thing because she is taking on more herself. You are a team, and teams make decisions together.

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5. Your sex life is on autopilot.

It is normal in a relationship to have periods where your intimacy may be suffering. That doesn’t mean it should not be a concern of yours.

Extended periods of no intimacy or a lack of attention during intimacy should tell you that she is missing something from you.

Sex is the one thing you share with your partner that you do not share with anyone else; it should be that important to both of you.

6. She doesn't argue with you anymore.

A woman who speaks up is a woman who is fighting for her relationship. It might seem nice to not have her sharing her difference of opinion with you anymore, but that means she doesn’t feel like the relationship is worth it.

Her feelings may feel like nagging at some points, but her feelings are her feelings, and she deserves for them to be heard. If she is not speaking up about her feelings, the first thing you need to do is find out why.

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, which is great to know, but it is not an easy task to conquer. It's important to figure out how to hear what she is saying, and follow through with what you can do to support her.

Women never break overnight, but if these signs are not seen and addressed, you will eventually lose her. You don’t want to lose a woman that you love because you never saw the warning signs.

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