15 Signs A Guy Needs Constant Female Attention

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Getting attention paid to you can be a great thing, or the thing of nightmares.

Some folks really can’t stand having all eyes on them. Others, however, love attention. They love attention so darn much, it goes beyond just wanting to have others notice them.

Sadly, a need for constant attention often makes it hard to maintain a decent, drama-free relationship.

Worried that the guy you’re seeing constantly needs female attention?

You might want to bail if you notice a guy doing with several of the indicators below.

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15 signs he just wants attention (and needs it constantly)

1. He takes selfies way more often than he should.

Look, we all know that selfies are a thing everyone does. But there’s a difference between an occasional selfie versus someone whose phone has six selfies of him every day, all Photoshopped, filtered, and with cool garbage in the background.

2. You can’t help but notice how often his conversations are all about him.

Guys who constantly need attention usually don’t know how to get people to pay attention to them in conversation. So, they start to talk about themselves... a lot.

3. If people aren’t talking about him or watching him, he makes a point of acting out.

For guys like this, there really is no such thing as bad attention. If he doesn’t get enough attention by his standard, he will often cause a scene, start a fight, or even just start drama just so they’ll get people to notice them again.

As a result, he isn't often aren’t invited to parties or even good to take on dates.

4. His social media involves posting memes about himself, featuring his face.

There’s something about this that’s just so cringe-worthy, that it has to be a sign that something ain’t right in his head.

If he really is trying to market himself as meme material, he probably either has narcissism issues or he can’t stand the idea that everyone isn’t paying attention to him.

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5. When he’s out and about, his voice is so loud that it drowns out everyone else’s — and you think it may be on purpose.

I of all people know what it’s like to have a voice that carries. And, generally speaking, people with naturally booming voices know they have voices that are loud and will work to keep them at a normal-ish tone.

If the guy you’re dating has a voice that is literally drowning out people around you and tends to talk over anyone else, he’s got both attention-seeking issues and control issues.

6. He fishes for compliments.

Everyone loves a good compliment, but a person who’s normal won’t actually fish for them.

If you notice him fishing for compliments, whining when he’s not being paid attention to, or doing anything that’s obviously done for “Likes” on Facebook or Instagram, then you may have an attention-seeker on your hands.

7. His online posts are filled with drama.

There are guys who will post things about how they’re #foreveralone, or talk smack about people just so they can get a rise out of others. And while this is kind of normal behavior once in a while, these guys go overboard.

8. He’s also obsessed with getting social media followers.

Normal people do not care about social media followers unless they are working in industries that absolutely require it. If he’s always trying to show off his Pinterest skills or trying to get more fans for his Facebook page, there might be a problem in terms of attention.

9. When you two are out together for hours at a time, he ignores you.

Guys who are attention seeking have a lot in common with narcissists. Your needs will fall dead last if he notices that people are giving him attention or narcissistic supply.

Why? Because getting his fix matters more than how you feel.



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10. He will constantly name drop and talk about all the cool, glitzy things he does with the “in crowd.”

Attention "addicts" need to be in the cool crowd, and they will make a point of it to show how cool they are. If a DJ that’s spinning at the local club compliments them, you’ll hear about it. In fact, they won’t shut up about it for months.

11. He flirts, philanders, and won’t stop chatting up random women online.

You didn’t think that his need for attention stopped when it came to doing things that could be considered cheating, did you? Oh, no. He needs to feel desired 24/7, which means that no matter what you do, you alone will never be enough for him.

12. When going out, everything has to be VIP.

People who need constant attention need to feel like the center of attention, no matter what they do. They may demand VIP access, expect special favors, or pitch a fit if people aren’t super-respectful to them.

13. When you first meet him, he’s really nice, but then he slowly tapers off his niceness.

A lot of guys do this because they want you to crave their attention and like them. Incidentally, this is also abusive behavior and a good reason to avoid ever dating one of these people.

14. He’s moody.

A lot of guys who need attention are very moody, often to the point that their temperamental behavior causes serious rifts among people.

In many cases, they’re moody and unhinged because they haven’t gotten their attention fix, or because they know being in a huff will provoke people into looking at them and asking them what's wrong.

15. People who know him avoid him or let out a sigh with an eye roll when they hear his name.

Because, let’s just face it, guys who need constant attention do things that should make others avoid them.

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