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Pregnant Woman Ghosts Fiancé After He Admits To Proposing For The ‘Tax Money’

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Children bring so much joy into our lives, despite all the hard work, stress and money that goes into raising them. Most people hyperfocus on everything parents deal with after their child is born, but the truth is, pregnancy is just as much work. 

People capable of pregnancy deal with so much to grow and care for a healthy baby before it even enters the world. Many agree that having a supportive partner — someone willing to help guide you through the stress, physical toll and fear many pregnancies present — is essential, which is why one woman’s Reddit post has people feeling infuriated. As she’s dealing with her pregnancy, she’s also been forced to emulate strength in the face of her partner’s immaturity.

This pregnant woman admitted she ghosted her boyfriend after he made ‘a joke’ about only proposing for the ‘tax money’. 

After months of talking about marriage with her current boyfriend, the pair were ecstatic when she got the news that she was pregnant — everything seemed to be falling into place. She explained that a couple months after she learned she was pregnant, her boyfriend proposed. With their “baby girl” due in March, this woman was excited to start the rest of her life with her partner. 

However, a seed of doubt was quickly planted in her mind after an argument escalated between the pair a few weeks later. 

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“During the argument, he said the real reason he [proposed] was because next tax season he would get more money — filing me and our child as a dependent,” She wrote.

After their argument, she admitted she blocked him on everything — but not before he could blame her ‘pregnancy hormones’ for making her ‘dramatic’. 

Shocked at her soon-to-be husband’s confession, she quickly realized she needed space from him. In addition to dealing with her new pregnancy, she was forced to reckon with the possibility that her engagement was a complete fraud, set up to help her boyfriend catch a break on taxes. 

While many experts note that married couples have access to more tax deductions and credits, the overall benefit is nothing extreme. The Currency admits that while married couples often find it “easier and less expensive” to file taxes, they don’t receive any significant financial compensation for simply having a marriage certificate. 

Regardless of the reality, it seems her boyfriend really thought it would benefit him. And despite arguing with her that it was “just a joke,” she couldn’t help but assume there was some truth to his statement. 

“I was visibly upset,” she writes. “I feel like he was being completely serious.” 

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When she ‘cooled off’ and contacted him, he wasted no time in calling her ‘a crybaby’ — sparking a discussion about toxicity in the comments. 

“I went home and blocked him on everything,” she admits. “He said that I was being over dramatic because I was pregnant and tired — so it was probably just the hormones.” 

Trying over and over again to tell her how she’s “supposed” to feel about his comment, she couldn’t help but let her anger fester. However, after a few days of space and time to “cool off,” she reached out to him — hoping to mediate the situation and get some clarity. “The first thing he said to me was ‘are you done being a crybaby?’” 

Comments are conflicted — not just about the behavior of the boyfriend, but also for the Reddit women.

“Marrying for taxes is just a stupid as marrying for a baby,” one commenter stated. 

“You both seem incredibly childish,” another wrote. “He should’ve never said what he said, but you should’ve never ghosted him. You’re having a child and need to learn how to communicate if you want to create a healthy space for this baby.” 



Despite the conflict in the comments, debating about this couple’s relationship, the most common denominator is communication. Everyone agrees they need to learn how to communicate amidst conflict, otherwise their lives aren’t going to be the only ones affected by it.

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