New Mom Asks If She Should Divorce Her Husband Over A Prank Involving Her Baby's Poo — 'He Tells Me I Am Being Too Serious'

He also tricked their guests into drinking her breast milk knowing that she was having trouble producing enough.

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Pranks can be funny and entertaining for all parties involved, assuming they're lighthearted and ultimately harmless. That, however, was not the case for one woman on Reddit, who was left "absolutely raging" after her husband decided to play a cruel and humiliating joke on her that had the potential to make her seriously ill.

The woman is contemplating divorce after her husband pranked her into eating their newborn’s poo.

Sharing the revolting story to the subreddit, r/beyondthebump, the 32-year-old woman revealed that she and her 32-year-old husband have been together for seven years and have a six-week-old newborn.


"Pranking each other has been something we do, especially early in our relationship as a bit of fun," she wrote. "He has been known to take them too far at times and I don’t know what to think."

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Since having just had a baby and adjusting to motherhood, the woman has found her husband’s pranks to be unbearable.

“Since I’ve been home with baby he has continued playing pranks and my tolerance is VERY low," she shared. "Between sleepless nights and all the hormones, I find myself absolutely raging at him for these pranks."

“He tells me I am being too serious, I’m no fun and I am and I quote, ‘chronic over reactor’ whatever that be,” she added. 

Some of the pranks the woman’s husband has pulled since the birth of their child include adding her breastmilk to their guests’ coffees — while she is having trouble producing milk — and pretending to cut off his fingers in the garden, leaving fake blood smeared throughout the house.


While these pranks have brought the woman to the point of tears, there is one in particular that she is unsure she will ever be able to move past.

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“Last night I was hinting about breakfast in bed so this morning he brings me in a coffee, toast and some chocolates,” the woman wrote. “What I assumed was peanut butter on my toast was in fact our baby’s poop.”


The woman did not realize what was spread on her toast until after she took a small bite since she suffers from “severe sinus issues.” She spit it out immediately upon realizing that it was not, in fact, peanut butter.

"He laughed hysterically and I told him to get out," she wrote. "He later messaged me and said all his work mates thought it was hilarious which is just embarrassing on top of it all."

While he and his friends may have found the prank funny, she thought his actions were just plain cruel.

“I am just so angry, hurt, and sad but also I don’t feel myself yet after having my baby," she wrote, asking readers if she was overreacting for contemplating divorce as a result.


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Most commenters agreed that the woman’s husband went too far with his latest prank.

“My husband and I prank each other, but if we’re not both laughing afterward, it’s not a prank, it’s bullying," one Redditor astutely wrote. "He has created an environment where you don’t feel safe and that is abuse especially as you are trying to care for your child and recover."

“I think separating for a bit to evaluate the relationship is the right thing to do and he needs to stop 100%,” they added.


“You are not overreacting. That is psychological abuse. Get yourself and your child out of that situation," another user advised. "Your husband fed you [poop] then laughed at you."

While pulling innocent pranks on your partner might allow you to connect deeper and laugh together, there is a fine line between a harmless joke and dangerous harassment. 

This so-called prank could have ended tragically. Human feces contain a variety of disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can make someone seriously ill if consumed. The woman could have contracted severe food poisoning or an illness from E.coli if she happened to eat the entire piece of toast. Not to mention, the taste is likely enough to make someone vomit.

A prank should never endanger the well-being of your spouse — or anyone, for that matter — for a cheap laugh. Even if this man stops pranking his wife tomorrow, he has already detrimentally damaged their relationship, as trust is vital for a healthy marriage.


"Ultimately I have lost trust in him," the woman wrote. "Even if he says no pranks again I will not believe him as he has said that before."

The man should put a bit more effort into supporting his post-partum wife, and less into humiliating her in the name of a "prank."

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