The 5 Most Heartless Ways To Dump Someone

Getting dumped sucks, but these ways just make it worse.

Last updated on Jun 03, 2024

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As the old saying goes, "Breaking up is hard to do" ... especially if you're on the receiving end of a breakup. If you're the one ending the relationship, compassion is key, for yourself and them. No one wants to be the cause of another person's hurt, but sometimes it's necessary so you both can move on and find happiness elsewhere. With that in mind, here are some ways you should never choose to end a relationship.


Here are the 5 most heartless ways to dump someone:

1. A hired hand

Some people ask a friend to do their dirty work for them, but having a friend tell your significant other that it's over is incredibly cowardly. And imagine the awkwardness! What if your significant other just burst into tears, what is your friend supposed to do? Or if they start asking questions, demanding some kind of closure? Not only would you be a bad significant other, but also a bad friend! Do it yourself and deal with the backlash that comes with it like an adult.

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2. The breakup text

Texting your significant other "I love you" is adorable. Texting him/her to say "I don't want to see you anymore" is cruel. A text message breakup breeds regret. That person deserves a face-to-face breakup, or at least a voice-to-voice one. If you are inclined to text someone to end a relationship, take a deep breath and call him/her instead.

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3. The sticky note

Who could forget that episode of Sex and the City when Carrie's boyfriend Berger breaks up with her on a Post-It Note. He wrote, "I'm sorry ... I can't ... Don't hate me." Can you imagine anything worse? They don't even have the decency to give you a chance to say anything. Instead, tell the person yourself; don't let a little piece of paper do it for you!


4. Facebook

An affectionate message by your beau is something you would love to see, but breaking up with you via Facebook message is something you may never get over. 

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5. Disappearing act

Avoiding a conversation and instead just pulling a disappearing act might be the worst way to end a relationship. The person doesn't even get a reason why, and to them it may completely come out of left field. Breaking things off that way is simply unacceptable. Face your fears and break up with some compassion.

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