8 Men Reveal Their Facebook Dealbreakers For Women

Ever wonder what guys think when they read your Facebook page?

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If you think that the guy you're seeing isn't paying attention to your TMI status updates, or extremely frequent foursquare check-ins, think again.

Here 8 men reveal their Facebook dealbreakers for women:

1. Don't complain about the guys that are hitting on you...

"It's an absolute turn-off when I see a Facebook post by a girl that says something like, 'Ugh so sick of getting hit on while I'm trying to get my morning coffee, no I don't want to talk to you!' I see this way too often. You are begging for attention way too much." -Andrew, 28


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2. Keep your whereabouts to yourself

"Facebook dealbreaker: Check-ins. Whether it's via FourSquare, geo-tagging pictures posted in real-time, or any method of conveying current GPS location. It's simultaneously a privacy and even potential safety concern (creepers are real, folks) as well as a self-indulgent ignorance of how small your speck on the map really is. Is it just another way of bragging about the things you do, or do you need company where you are?" -Evan, 24

"When girls update their Facebook multiple times per day about their location, it's a dealbreaker. Seriously, I don't need to know where you are 24/7." -John, 22


3. If you're going to be inspirational, please also be grammatically correct

"For me, it's a dealbreaker when a girl tries to post an intelligent or motivational status, and her grammar or spelling is all messed up. It only takes a few seconds to copy and paste into Microsoft Word and spell check before you click the post button."  -Anthony, 20

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4. Control your selfies

"Too many selfies are definitely a dealbreaker. It screams, 'I'm insecure and I need your likes to feel okay about myself!" -Christopher, 25

"It's a major turn-off for me when I start dating a girl and suddenly discover that her Facebook is primarily focused on posting selfies from every room she enters. I can't possibly date you when your head is that far up your ass." -Patrick, 30


5. Keep your political views to yourself

"I ended up unfriending a girl I had been seeing because she constantly opined on the election. Her stance had very little merit and was borderline racist." -Mike, 35

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6. Don't trash your ex

"There's nothing worse than going to someone's page that you might be interested in and seeing them trash someone they just broke up with. We don't know the story, but all this says to me is that there's no way I'm approaching her because if it goes wrong, EVERYBODY is going to know about it." -Rob, 32

7. Be careful what you wish for

"I can't stand pathetic 'I wish I could' statuses, four times per day. I'm not sure what's worse, seeing that status or the people commenting saying 'You can!' or 'You will!' on these. -Tom, 20


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Danielle Page is a writer and editor whose work has been featured on Woman’s Day, Bustle, Cosmopolitan, The New York Times, Thought Catalog, and Huffington Post.