Man Cancels Wedding After Fiancée Decides To Take A 'Break' From Their Relationship On Her 6 Week Trip To Europe

"She can move in with someone else, because it won't be me."

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Who wouldn’t take the trip of a lifetime? A European getaway for 6 weeks, with all of your lifelong friends beside you right before your wedding sounds like a dream come true.

All that glitters isn't gold, however, as a fiancé recently noted in a Reddit post. His intended was apparently itching for “a break” from their relationship. 

A man canceled his wedding after his fiancée decided to ‘take a break’ from their relationship on a 6-week trip to Europe with friends. 

“My fiancée went on a trip of a lifetime for 6 weeks in Europe,” he wrote in his post. “She decided that we would take a break in our relationship, allowing me no input in the decision.” 




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Trust, honesty, and compassion should be everything in a partnership, especially if a wedding is just months away. Instead of being honest with her partner and communicative about her needs, however, this woman decided to run.


Left with the burden of worrying about her safety — and the safety of their relationship — the man had to make a difficult decision. If he couldn’t trust his soon-to-be wife just weeks before the wedding, how would a small piece of paper and a lifetime commitment change that? 

Once she was on the plane, she informed him that she wanted to take ‘a break from their relationship’ and blocked him with no further discussion. 

“I called her the day that she left and she had me blocked,” he wrote. Confused and frustrated, he quickly pieced together the unfortunate reality he was faced with — his soon-to-be wife wanted to be separated from him. 

Not only did she feel her trip would be better without his calls and communication, she completely stripped him of any choice in the matter. 

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“I was fine with her trip with her old college sisters. In fact, I dropped her at the airport and took her to boarding,” he explained. “That is when she dropped the whole ‘break’ thing on me. Didn’t explain it… just told me ‘matter of fact’ and left.” 

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After trying to call her for the rest of the day and week, hoping to get clarity on their relationship status, he quickly realized that she’d blocked him. “After 5 days of ignoring me, I had enough. The wedding was off.” 

What was once a picturesque fairy-tale engagement had turned sour. He refused to ignore her breach of trust and lack of communication. 


While relationship breaks can be incredibly beneficial for some, they require open communication, ground rules, and honesty. 

Andrea Brognano, a licensed mental health counselor, explained that relationship breaks have the potential to transform partnerships for the better, especially if you feel disconnected or at a standstill. 



“Be honest with yourself and each other,” she said. “What is it that you want and need from this break? What is it that you’re hoping to gain from it? Is it something that you really even need?” 

Clearly, this very foundational rule to relationship breaks wasn’t established between this engaged couple. It was a one-sided decision that ultimately broke trust.


For a break to be successful, it has to be an enthusiastic decision from all partners with clear rules, boundaries, and time limits — not just an overseas trip and a block button. 

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