Little Girl’s Best Friend Says She Can’t ‘Associate’ With Her Anymore Because Her Parents Think She’s 'Weird' For The Art She Creates

The little girl's "weirdness" is going to get her far in life.

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A little girl who took up an interest in creating art projects never expected to be dropped by one of her closest friends because of it. 

The girl’s heartbroken mother decided to share some of her creations on social media to demonstrate that even though her daughter was not involved in the more popular hobbies among her peers, she still had a remarkable talent that would get her far in life. 

The little girl’s best friend told her that she could no longer ‘associate’ with her since her parents thought she was ‘weird.’ 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 24,000 times, the girl’s mother, Kyle, revealed the tear-jerking reason why her daughter's best friend stopped hanging out with her. According to Kyle, her 10-year-old daughter and her best friend had been inseparable.


“They were together constantly doing sleepovers every weekend,” she said. “And then all of a sudden, there was zero communication.” 

When Kyle asked her daughter what happened to her best friend, questioning why she never comes over anymore, the little girl was initially hesitant to tell her, but Kyle eventually discovered what was actually going on. 

“She told me that the girl had ‘crossed over into the dark side,’” the mother shared. 



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To get more clarification, Kyle decided to read through her daughter’s text messages and discovered that the “dark side” meant that her best friend had begun hanging out with the more popular girls at school.  Upon further reading, the mother’s heart broke when she came across what her daughter’s best friend had messaged her. 

“The girl had said, ‘My parents think you’re weird and would prefer if I don’t associate with you anymore,’” Kyle revealed.

She admitted that she was “incredibly frustrated and upset” with the girl’s parents’ behavior. “Just because my child doesn’t fit the ‘norm’ or the popular trends, you’re going to ostracize her through your child?” 

Kyle believes that the reason her best friend’s parents branded her as 'weird' was because of her interest in creating anime masks and art projects. 

Unlike some parents, Kyle says that she will always encourage her children to be creative in any way they want. 


Little Girl’s Best Friend Says She Can’t Associate With Her Anymore Because Her Parents Think She’s Weird Photo: Sinenkiy / Canva Pro

“It’s good for them, it’s good for the soul, it’s good for the brain, it’s good for their development,” she said. 

Kyle shared some of her daughter’s most recent art creations with viewers to show them just how talented and creative she is. Since her daughter is very interested in costume design, many of her projects are animated masks that she creates herself using felt, paint fabric, and other art materials. 


In addition to her masks (which look as if they were created by a professional designer may we say), Kyle’s daughter also designs her own original animated characters on her computer and writes stories in her journal detailing their adventures. 



“Recently, she decided to challenge herself by doing realistic pencil drawings,” Kyle shared, showing off one of her daughter’s characters completely pencil-sketched. 

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The artistic little girl is more than a talented artist and story writer, she's a budding entrepreneur.

“This weird kid of mine is also an entrepreneur,” Kyle said. “She is looking at making money off of these masks that she makes.” 

The little girl has reportedly already earned a decent amount of cash by selling some of her homemade masks to other students at her school, according to one of her teachers. 

Kyle added that it is her daughter’s dream to go to school in Orlando and become an animator in the film industry. 

Little Girl’s Best Friend Says She Can’t Associate With Her Anymore Because Her Parents Think She’s Weird Photo: mediaphotos / Canva Pro


Now, she has an important message for other parents to ensure that their children do not treat their peers the way her daughter’s best friend treated her. “Just make sure that you are not raising a generation of bullies because somebody is different than them,” she said. 

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Other people praised Kyle’s message and her daughter’s art projects. 

“Oh gosh, she is going places!!!! She’s awesome!!!” one TikTok user commented. “Really love her creations! Can't even imagine what she can do with her artistic skills in the future! Love your encouragement too!” another user wrote. 

“She's so creative!! This is where it begins. I can only imagine where it's going to take her!!” another added. 


Others urged the mother and her little girl to block out the bullies who call her “weird” because of her hobbies and interests. 

Encouraging creativity in children is known to have a variety of benefits for them in the long run.

Not only does creative expression support mental growth, confidence, problem-solving skills, and balance in children, but it also helps kids articulate their feelings and thoughts. 

Little Girl’s Best Friend Says She Can’t Associate With Her Anymore Because Her Parents Think She’s Weird Photo: Arina P Habich / Shutterstock 


The more parents support and encourage their children’s creative passions, whether it be art, music, or writing, the more likely they are to have improved cognitive, emotional, and social development. 

Even if their peers may tease them for spending their time embracing their creative side instead of taking part in the “normal” or popular trends, all they need is a mother like Kyle cheering them on from the sidelines to make waves someday. 

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