Let Him Leave — You Deserve A Man Who'd Do Anything To Stay

See ya.

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Our self-esteem and confidence are often too contingent on what other people think of us. That’s why rejection — especially when it’s someone we’ve been in a relationship with — hurts like a bitch. 

When we’re in happy relationships, we feel wanted. One of the perks of being tied down is the fact that there is someone who wants to tie you down.

That (among other things of course) is enough to keep to make us happy and keep us invested in the other person. It's like a chase. We want to be that special person who is able to "tame" someone who doesn't want to stay. It's an ego boost. 


Until that person decides they want to set us free. Then we crumble. 

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It’s not something to be ashamed of and of course, it’s something everyone and their mother has gone through. No matter how long you’ve been involved with someone, rejections, and breakups always sting. 

And they sting to a point where we start to doubt our own self-worth and inflate theirs. We deserve someone who wants all of us, even the not-so-good parts.

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We fall into pity parties and daydreams about how amazing the other person was. We over-romanticize the relationship, keeping us in a place of heartache and hurt. We stop ourselves from moving on. 


It’s hard to listen to logic or reason when our self-esteem has been reduced to a flaming bag of turd, but we have to try.

We have to make an effort to see the silver lining and the possibility of the future.

We have to use that time after we've been heartbroken and our souls crushed.

We need to use that time to spend by ourselves. To reevaluate our relationship and why it went so badly. We take that time to heal and when we get the chance at a new relationship, we'll know what we want and what we won't put up with.

If a person leaves you, it’s because they no longer have your best interests at heart. They’re no longer invested in your happiness and success. They no longer care about how you feel. 


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So why would you fight that? Why would you want to hold on and cling to someone who will do nothing but hold you back? 

Listen to logic and reason. Be grateful that person had enough sense to leave you to yourself, and do what’s best for you now. 


You’re free to take the reins and make your life as wonderful as you possibly can.

Don’t let the sting of rejection keep you from forgetting that. 

Emily Blackwood is a writer who covers pop culture, true crime, dating, relationships, and everything in between.