Jilted Bride Sues Cheating Ex-Fiancé For Cost Of Canceled Wedding

A woman wants more than $60,000 from her ex after he allegedly cheated at his Vegas bachelor party.

Jilted Bride Viacheslav Boiko / Shutterstock

Can we just say this?

What happens in Vegas does not stay there.

Just because you're having fun does not mean you should be having too much fun. Is one night of crazy worth the consequences? Just ask almost-groom Robert Leighton, who definitely found out the hard way.

Apparently, in 2011, a Chicago lawyer went a bit too far at his bachelor party and was hit with a lawsuit courtesy of his former bride-to-be. She discovered his Sin-City hook-up, and he discovered that poor decisions always crawl back home with you.


Allegedly, Leighton's now ex-fiancé, Lauren Serafin (who is also a lawyer), found text messages sent to her future husband that indicated "something happened" while he was in Vegas.

If you're gonna cheat, either fess up to it or get smarter about it.

I mean, what is more cliché than cheating on your future wife in Las Vegas during your bachelor party? Hopefully, this idiotic behavior allows Serafin to move on much easier and find someone who actually deserves her.

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Sarafin pressed him for answers.

First, Leighton denied any misbehavior, as if she didn't have proof in the texts that he did something suspicious during his bachelor party.


Then he changed his story, admitting he may have "made out" with someone as if saying that doesn't mean that you cheated.

Finally, he confessed he "hooked up" with a woman in Sin City and told Sarafin he would no longer marry her. An ouch, yes.

But do not worry as it looks like Sarafin is in the business of getting even.

Since the split, she claims she's been humiliated and depressed, and now she's seeking $62,814 to cover all the costs of the canceled wedding.

Sarafin wants every last wedding-related dime back, right out of Leighton's pocket, and as she should. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. Maybe perhaps in this case it should be, if you can't pay the fine, don't do the crime.


Some of the items she's seeking reimbursement for? The wedding dress, the honeymoon, the invitations, the deposit on a banquet hall and even catering services from the Ritz Carlton. 

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Sarafin's allegations against Leighton read: "breach of promise to marry and intentional infliction of emotional distress."

Needless to say, it will be interesting to see which of these lawyers comes out victorious in court.


It's a messy situation, but there's a lesson here: There is no get-out-of-jail-free card for a wild weekend, friends.

So, basically, don't do anything in Sin City you wouldn't want people in your hometown to know about... especially your S.O., and especially your soon-to-be wife, because women know everything.

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