Husband Claims That His Wife's Obsession With Taylor Swift Is 'Ruining' Their Marriage

Her obsession is so strong that it's possible she's suffering from celebrity worship syndrome.

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Most people would probably say they have something they really love — something they’re maybe even obsessed with. But what happens when that obsession goes too far? 

One man said his wife has chosen a Taylor Swift “lifestyle,” and he’s not happy about it.

One woman is living out her dream Taylor Swift ‘lifestyle,’ much to her husband’s disappointment.

A husband took to Reddit to ask if he was wrong for not “emotionally [supporting]” his wife’s extreme love for Taylor Swift.


“My wife is fully obsessed with Taylor Swift. For the last year plus, that’s all she listens to,” he shared.

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His wife even attended the record-breaking Eras Tour, which was incredibly difficult to get tickets to.

“Spent $2,000 to go see her recently at the Eras Tour. Probably spent another $200 on merch,” he said. “She filmed the show on her phone and will regularly put it on the TV and just watch for hours. Will also watch the livestreams of her performances on TikTok or whatever streaming platform those are on. Is now going to see the concert movie.”

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This man feels like Taylor Swift is the main focus of their family now.

“I mean, it has been nonstop Taylor Swift in our house for a long time now. She continually refers to the live concert as ‘the best experience of my life.’ She says Taylor Swift is a ‘lifestyle.’”


Her husband just can’t wrap his mind around how his wife feels about Swift. He doesn’t have anything to compare it to.

“I personally don’t really get it,” he said. “I have never been obsessed with anything to that point. I love soccer and would love to see Messi play, but I can’t bring myself to spend $900 for a ticket to his upcoming match; it’s just too much.”

“I am also really passionate about things my wife has no interest in, but I’m also not looking for her emotional support with those; those are just things that are important to me and will remain important to me regardless,” he explained.

The man has tried to talk to his wife about her obsession with Swift. He said he “for sure made comments to my wife implying that this whole Taylor Swift thing is getting out of hand.” It didn’t go over well.

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“Recently, she blew up on me about how I don’t support her as much as she thinks I should with her Taylor Swift lifestyle … but from my perspective, it’s really taking over her life, and that just can’t be healthy to obsess over something like that,” he said. “People need balance. I also thought one of the benefits of marriage was to have someone tell you this kind of stuff, and it shouldn’t be an argument.”

When someone becomes too obsessed with a celebrity, it can turn into celebrity worship syndrome.

Psych Central noted that it’s normal to admire or be a fan of people who do incredible things. However, when that admiration goes too far and becomes an unhealthy obsession, it may be a sign of celebrity worship syndrome.


According to Psych Central, “Celebrity worship syndrome is a type of parasocial relationship that occurs when admiration of a celebrity shifts into an obsessive fascination and preoccupation.”

Furthermore, “Like all parasocial relationships, celebrity worship syndrome can be considered a one-sided, nonreciprocal relationship. It involves one person who is investing a lot of time and energy into a connection with someone (in this case, a celebrity) who often doesn’t know the admirer exists.”

While it’s healthy to have different hobbies and interests, letting them turn into obsessions can be dangerous. Celebrity worship syndrome, for example, can affect relationships with the people who really are in your life.


Drawing attention to his wife's obsession and his concern about it is a loving act, even if she doesn't see it that way. 

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