Husband Divorces His Wife Because She Breastfed Their Son After He Specifically Asked Her Not To — 'I'll Never Be Able To Look At You The Same'

He insisted that seeing his wife nurse their son made him uncomfortable, and if she refused to stop, then he would leave her.

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A husband has stirred up a heated discussion after claiming that he didn't want to be with his wife anymore because of how she interacted and fed their newborn son. 

In a screenshot, the text message exchange between the husband and wife was reposted on X by Ask Aubry, and many people had strong feelings about the husband's insistence that he was disgusted and furious that his wife disobeyed his orders about breastfeeding.


He's divorcing his wife because she breastfed their son after he specifically asked her not to.

At the start of the text message exchange, the husband, David, demanded to know if his wife had been breastfeeding their son, Wylder. When she confirmed that she had been, he admitted he didn't know if he wanted to come home. 

He claimed that he had certain negative feelings attached to the idea of her nursing their son and that her doing it anyway meant that she didn't "respect" him.

"I do respect you," she replied after his accusation. "I just thought we could compromise about the breastfeeding. If you don't like it, maybe I can just do it in another room."


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It is deeply concerning that she felt the need to compromise on an extremely normal and vital part of motherhood because it makes her husband uncomfortable and upset. She shouldn't have to sacrifice both her and her child's well-being just to appease her husband's discomfort, and it's his own responsibility to work through his feelings about nursing. 


He refused to accept or compromise when it came to her breastfeeding in a different room and instead admitted that he was "done" with their marriage. He claimed her going behind his back was no better than lying, and she tried to argue that she wasn't lying, only trying to feed their son. She argued that since their son was born early, she knew the best thing for him was all the nutrients and antibodies in breast milk. 

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According to the National Health Service, giving your premature baby breast milk benefits their health as well as yours. Breast milk helps protect your baby from infections, particularly of their gut. It also contains hormones, nutrients, and growth factors that help your baby grow and develop.


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He insisted that he would not be able to look at his wife the same way because she was breastfeeding.

It's her own decision if she wants to breastfeed her son, and it shouldn't be something that's up for an argument between her and her husband. He should not have such a demanding and rigid mindset about it, either. He even accused her of being a "bad wife" just because she "took joy" away from her husband by defying his orders.


He claimed that he "enjoys her boobs" and doesn't like that "another man" has had them. Not only is the "other man" he's referring to their newborn son, but he's also sexualizing a natural and non-sexual act of nurturing and bonding between a mother and her child. The fact that he sees breastfeeding as an act of incest is extremely telling of his misguided and concerning perspective. It's disheartening that she felt this need to overcompensate and apologize to her husband when, in reality, she has nothing to be sorry for.

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It's his behavior that needs to change, and the fact that he wants to divorce her and split custody of their children just because he's uncomfortable and insecure with an essential aspect of motherhood speaks volumes about how he views his wife and women in general. 


Ultimately, her husband's insistence and controlling behavior is such an extreme reaction and a deep unappreciation for the beauty and sacredness that comes with motherhood, and she should never be subjected to such disregard and disrespect. 

Instead of being judged, new mothers should feel supported during the critical months after giving birth, especially by their partners and significant others.

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