12 Easy-To-Miss Indicators A Relationship Has Run Its Course

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Sometimes you just don't want to accept that your relationship is over or you may be totally caught off guard. But there is something to say about noticing the little signs that your partner is sending you so that you can prepare yourself for the day they call your relationship off.

You can easily feel alone and that your relationship is one-sided when your partner is not putting in the same amount of effort as they were before, leaving you to wonder: is my relationship over?

Your partner's changes can be some of the smallest things that they may not even pick up on. These signs could be something like when you are together, you feel more apart, you rarely have moments of physical contact, and you don't connect on an emotional level. You may even notice that they have put a wall up and they may not talk to you about things and they may seem emotionally closed off.

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You can also just have that gut feeling that something is wrong.

You should never fear talking to your partner about how you are feeling. You should tell them that you have noticed that things have been off if what you are picking up on is true and whether or not they want to continue being with you.

It's something that I personally like to just bluntly ask because if they want to be with you, the answer is a no-brainer. But if they need to think about it, it means that they probably are not wanting to be with you as much as you thought.

You should be with someone who can tell you without a doubt that they want to be with you. You should be able to talk about anything and everything without fear that you will break up over something small. You should feel comfortable going to your significant other when you are unsure of what's going on. Who knows, they could just really be stressed, but you never know unless you ask.

Is your relationship over?

Here are 12 easy-to-miss indicators a relationship has run its course:

1. Intimate moments are few and far between

Any type of physical contact (snuggling, spooning, cuddling, touching) is almost nonexistent.

When you have physical contact, your body releases the hormone oxytocin which makes you feel connected to your partner on a deeper level. Oxytocin also helps lower stress levels and the stress hormone cortisol in your body. Also, physical contact releases dopamine which is a hormone of pleasure, thus making you feel good.

Without that physical closeness, you're depriving yourself of that extra facet of connection.

2. Their kisses do not feel right

When something is wrong in a relationship and your partner pulls back, it affects their kisses. They don't have as much passion and enthusiasm as they had before. Thus, this is a big but subtle sign that something is wrong.

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3. You no longer laugh like you used to

When your partner starts to pull away, you may notice that you don't have fun with each other. You don't laugh and feel happy when you are around each other anymore. So, this is a subtle sign that they could be pulling away and are going to leave you.

4. You don't talk to each other anymore

Every time you try to start a conversation, you get a one-word answer or grunt, then that may mean that they are going to soon start calling your relationship off.

Alternatively, you could technically still be talking to each other. However, your conversations rarely go past the surface-level stuff. 

Deep conversation is important to a long-lasting, meaningful relationship.

5. You feel alone even when you are together

This is a common symptom that will indicate that your relationship is starting to fall apart. You feel emotionally alone and even if you are sitting right next to each other, you feel like your partner is somewhere else.

6. You are looking at your options

When you start looking at options for who you could be with, like looking on a dating site or fantasizing about being with that guy you just scrolled by on Instagram, that can mean that you are not content in your relationship and you are looking for something better.

You probably are wondering what it would be like with someone or anyone else in a relationship than who you are with right now.

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7. You and your partner are just co-existing

There is no excitement, passion, disagreements, or happiness when you are together. You just feel nothing.

This is a bad sign in any type of relationship. This probably means that you are going to move apart soon because there is nothing reminding you of why you are together in the first place.

8. You stay away from each other

Do you know a couple that sleeps in different rooms or you don't like being close to each other? Someone who needs space? Then that means your relationship is falling apart.

9. You feel like your relationship is an obligation

You start feeling like your relationship is an obligation when you don't want to end things because of all the effort and time you have put into it. This even means that you stay together when you really don't care for each other or make one another happy.

10. They use their left hand more for gestures

According to body language expert Jan Hargrave, when someone favors their left hand over their right hand, it might mean they feel uncomfortable around you. She told ABC13 News, "Too many left-handed gestures are associated with someone being uncomfortable with what they're saying to you." It's all in the body language.

11. You purse your lips more often

You may notice that when you are having a disagreement you are pursing your lips more often than you usually would. Body language expert Patti Wood has found that when someone is pursing their lips, it can indicate that they are withholding information and aggression, as well as anxiety.

12. You furrow your eyebrows more often

When you notice eyebrow furrowing, it's an indication that you are not happy and you are full of contempt. These negative feelings have one great but subtle indicator, eyebrow furrowing.

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