To The Couple We Could Have Been In Another Life

Our souls were intertwined, and when we were ripped apart I was left with the parting wound.

Last updated on Jul 14, 2023

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By Corinne White

Dear You and I,

It feels weird to write to us together; I’m so used to one or the other. It’s been a year since there was a you and I in the universe I’m from.

We aren’t a pair anymore, no longer a dynamic duo. I know this must sound unreal and downright depressing to you both, but it is the reality I live in each and every day.

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In my world, things are much different. I do not have the security of an us, because I’m alone with just me.

We have spent 365 days apart now, and I am older and I am stronger.

It took a long time for the wound that our split left me with to heal. It’s still newly sewn together and sometimes the stitches come undone.

For the most part, however, I’m okay. Although, I wasn’t okay for a very long time. I felt like I was walking around with half of my heart missing. Our souls were intertwined, and when we were ripped apart I was left with a parting wound.

We did not lose each other for lack of love. There was a lack of stability in both our lives and minds. For sanity’s sake, breaking up was the best move in a game that was impossible to win.


I don’t doubt that if we were both in good places we would work out. In fact, if we had met each other now instead of then, I think it’s very possible we could’ve ended up together forever. For whatever reason, things did not work out that way for us.

I hope you are both the happiest you can be. I hope each day is filled with the joy your shared love brings. Remember to never take that love for granted. The pain of losing it is unbearable.

You are good for each other. You make each other laugh and you know how to communicate, and you are so intellectually in tune with one another. You are two people who care deeply for each other, and that should never have to go away.

To him, always remember to reassure her. She is so afraid that she loves you more than you love her; sometimes she wonders if you even love her at all. That has nothing to do with you, it is only the product of her faulty mind.


You may tease her, but when it comes down to it, you love her with all your heart. Let her know that.

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If you’re not doing well and her problems are too much for you to handle at that time, please tell her. She doesn’t mean to overwhelm you. All she wants is your support, but she knows that sometimes you may not be able to give that to her and that’s okay.

Don’t shut her out, either. If you’re down, tell her why. Trust her with the things that you lock away inside your heart. Otherwise, one day you might end up locking her out, too.

To me, know that he loves you. He may shy away from his love for you and he may struggle to show it sometimes, but it’s there. He loves you. Let this be validation enough.


Please trust in his love. Be there for him, and if he tries to run, don’t let him go easily. Fight for him and for your relationship. Don’t be discouraged by his struggles. Deep within him is an overwhelming amount of love, it just has yet to breach the surface (for reasons you’re well aware of).

Cherish him. Be happy that he’s always a little bit better than you at everything you claim to be good at. Admire his strength and his drive. Tell him that he is not only your partner, but your best friend, hero, and the person you look up to.

Kiss him a little longer and hold him a little tighter. You’ll miss him when he’s gone.


To the us of another universe, get married and have the babies you already have names for. Tell each other stupid jokes. Write, draw, and create with each other.

Remember to be grateful and know that your relationship is a blessing. I want your love to last in the way it didn’t for the us of my universe. If we couldn’t have that happiness, I hope you do instead.

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Corinne White is a writer whose work has been featured in Unwritten, Thought Catalog, Elite Daily, Bustle, and others. ​Follow her on Instagram for more.