If You Were Blocked By Your Best Friend On Social Media, Take This Step Immediately

It's okay to grieve a friendship, especially if you don't know what went wrong.

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Your best friend blocked you. You can't text them, call them, or access their social media. In short, they blocked every form of communication and essentially ghosted you.

What does this mean for your friendship? And how do you respond?

The answer to that is...nothing. Right now, there is nothing you can do.

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Your best friend is emotional right now. And when someone is emotional, they might not be able to think rationally. They aren’t able to communicate in a way that is not emotional, it’s just not possible.


Now, you might be wondering if you're true best friends because they're ignoring you.



But, think about it. Do you notice that when something gets at you, you’re either angry about what your friend said or did or got hurt by what they said in front of others? You might be so frustrated with them because all they seem to do is complain and not do anything about their awful life.


You’re there. You’re the shoulder they cry on. And yet, they still annoy and frustrate you.

When you’re feeling that way, are you able to have a non-emotional conversation with that same friend? Honestly, is it possible?

It’s not, isn't it? If you’re honest, that is. You are so caught up in your emotion, that you don’t even want to be near them, for a short while, at least.

Now, do you understand what’s going on with your best friend?

Something has happened that triggered them, emotionally. You may or may not know what that is. Maybe they openly told you what was going on for them before they blocked you. Or maybe they didn’t.

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Maybe it was just a reaction to all the emotions they were feeling that had them put you on their blocked list — e-mail, phone, and all the different social media platforms (or just some of them).

But, if they're really angry at you or were hurt by you, then they are likely to have ghosted you across all of these platforms. They can’t stand the thought of you at the moment. They don’t want to hear from you, see you, or speak to you, in any way.

And guess what? That’s perfectly okay. That’s just where they are at right now. It doesn’t say anything about you as a person.

Sure, you’re hurting too, especially if it was your best friend, the one you’ve had all your life. You’re hurting too. So, why not stop and allow yourself to feel hurt?




Maybe, if you do that and take the time it takes to get over your hurt — and not just "get over it" — you can move on. Allow yourself to take as long as you need to feel the hurt and let it be, inside you.

That might also mean that you’re angry at them. You might want to scream and shout at them for what they’ve done. Do it. In your room, on your own. Or at the park, on your own. Or even in a letter that you'll never send. Tell them what you think of them. It’s okay to have these emotions and to express them.

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Don’t forget this is not about needing to have this out with them. Not at all. It’s about letting yourself move through what you are feeling.

When you take this time to work through your own emotions and your emotional reaction to what’s happened, you are allowing yourself to move into a different space. One where, if they allow you back into your life, you’re okay with that, and if they don’t, you’re just as okay with that.

One of the great things you can do is to write down all of the things you will miss about not having this best friend in your life. All those little things. Like the way they know just how to buy your coffee or how they used to go with you to a favorite pub and drink until you were both crazy drunk, then fall asleep at each other's places.


Enjoy reminiscing about your relationship and what it meant to you to have them as your best friend.

Then go about your day, as if every moment is a new one. It’s okay to think of them. They might be thinking of you too. Who knows? And, if it’s meant to be that they unblock you and let you back into their life, it will happen.

Don’t put your life on hold waiting for that to happen though. Live your life with or without them.

They’ve been a part of your life and you will never forget that. You have the wonderful memories of them to hold with you always.

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Karen Cherrett is a relationship coach, life coach, and holistic counselor who works with individuals to be clearer in their communication.