20 Tiny Things To Do When You're Fed Up And A Little Depressed

Small changes can make a world of difference.

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Welcome to the experience of being human. I know what it’s like to feel stuck and fed up. Maybe you got dumped or rejected. Maybe you feel disrespected. Maybe you’re frustrated and fed up with work. Yup, it sucks. 

When I’m in this state, I have frequently thought that the best solution is to do something drastic, fueled by emotion — maybe to buy a van and travel the world. Or quit all my social media. Or start a whole new career. But more often than not, all we need at this moment is to do the next small thing. This little step reinforces your action-taking identity, fueling a return to joy.


You’re not a moper. You’re a doer. This is always the solution to the malaise. Show yourself who you are through the small actions, and your mindset will shift. You will feel a new lease on life. 

Here are 20 tiny things to do when you're fed up and a little depressed:

1. Read ten pages of a book with no distractions

2. Reach out to someone and ask them a question 

Or invite them out for coffee.

3. Focus on all the sensations in your body for at least a minute

This will cause you to relax. In this state, you realize you have everything you need.

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4. Listen to music purely for the pleasure of listening

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5. Go for a walk 

See where it takes you.

6. Write out some of the cool things you have going on in your life for which you are grateful

7. Brew a nice cup of herbal tea 

Sip it slowly like a mountaintop monk


8. Practice slow and mindful breathing exercises

Then, follow a guided meditation on an app like Calm.

9. Write out solutions to challenges you're having in a journal

For every ‘problem’ you have, figure out the opportunity. There is always an opportunity.

10. Do a quick stretching routine 

This will allow you to release tension in your body.


11. Call or text a friend or family member to chat and connect

12. Take a nice hot bubble bath with Epsom salts

Pamper yourself.

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13. Create something small

Like a poem or drawing.

14. Learn something new in a book or course

Take a step towards something you’ve been meaning to learn for a long time. You can do ten minutes.

15. Do a home workout or yoga session

Or go for a jog and sweat out some toxins.

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16. Organize an untidy corner of your house

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17. Do one thing you’ve been holding off

Identify it, and break it into pieces. Then, just do the first thing. Spend ten minutes on it. You’ll feel great when you know that everything is conquerable.

18. Write down one small goal for the day 

And take a step towards achieving it.

19. Write a letter to yourself telling yourself how proud you are of yourself

20. Watch your favorite movie with no judgment

Just indulge.


Most of all, realize the power in taking a small step, ideally one that pushes you a little closer to your goal. It might not seem like much today, but you’ll be pleased with how much builds up through consistency over time.

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Alex Mathers is a writer and coach who helps you build a money-making personal brand with your knowledge and skills while staying mentally resilient.