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People Who Drink Black Coffee More Likely Psychopaths, Says Science

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People Who Drink Black Coffee More Likely Psychopaths, Says Science

Have you ever seen someone drink their coffee without any cream or sugar, and wondered how they're able to do that?

While many of us can't live without our morning cup of joe, it's also hard to imagine just drinking it straight without any added milk or sugar. After all, who wants to sip on such a bitter-tasting drink, especially very early in the morning?

Let's face it: we love you, coffee, but you can be pretty bitter.

So then how is it possible that some people are able to drink their morning cup of coffee black? 

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Well, according to some research, drinking your coffee this way can be pretty telling about who you are as a person — and in a very surprising way. 

Although it may sound a little bit funny, a 2015 study conducted in Austria had people talking about black coffee drinkers. The research linked black coffee drinkers with psychopathy. Wait, what?!

Researchers at the University of Innsbruck in Austria didn't actually study coffee but instead focused on bitter-tasting substances. It analyzed whether or not certain flavors could be an indicator for anti-social personality traits.

The participants rated how much they enjoyed foods and beverages, based on certain tastes, including a bitter taste. The results were then compared to personality tests covering specific traits, such as aggression and manipulation. 

The study "confirmed the hypothesis that bitter taste preferences are positively associated with malevolent personality traits, with the most robust relation to everyday sadism and psychopathy."

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If it's correct, that means that people who enjoy bitter flavors, in general, like bitter beers or coffee, are the ones who are more likely to be psychopaths. It just makes sense. Why would you choose something bitter and gross over something that tastes sweet?

And, on the opposite side of the spectrum, the people who take their morning cup of coffee with sugar and cream, are likelier to show more positive characteristics, including sympathy, cooperativeness, and kindness.

And although personality traits in relation to specific taste preferences have been studied before, this study is, as you might expect, somewhat flawed. This study got their data through self-reporting, and these types of studies are often unreliable.

Respondents were also paid, albeit not much, for responding to the study's survey, which included more than 50 questions. In addition, the study didn't even have any clear conclusions on the link between black coffee and psychopathy.  

At this time, the study is, at the most, only interesting, providing a link between psychopathy and black coffee, but more research is needed to actually verify its findings.

So, for now, you might want to just lay off on the black coffee and add a little cream to lighten it up.

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