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Place Two Things Under Your Tongue Before Bed To Sleep Way Better

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Place This Under Your Tongue Before Bed And Sleep Better

No matter how old they are, I hear people almost everyday with the common complaint, "I'm so tired!" Instead of getting the recommended eight hours of sleep every night, most people have been averaging six or seven hours per night; sometimes, it's even less.

While one or two hours less may not sound like a huge difference, it can actually have a major effect on your body. And not in a good way. Those one or two extra hours are a lot more important than you may realize. 

Getting a good night's sleep can make a huge impact on your health, and can even improve things like your productivity level and your diet.

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However, poor sleep has been linked to many serious health concerns, such as heart disease and diabetes. Your body needs a sufficient amount of sleep, at least eight hours, in order to really recharge.

Many people think that caffeine can make up for the lost sleep, but it definitely can't. It may amp you up for a short period of time, but after that, you can expect a crash. There is really nothing that can replace a good night's rest. 

Turning off the TV and stepping away from the computer an hour before going to bed can be a huge help as well. Screens can keep our brains functioning at a high level, and we need time to calm down before passing out.

While it may seem natural to want to give the web a quick browse or catch up on a few episodes of your favorite show right before bed, the bright light that comes off of a screen can keep you up and, therefore, works against your goal of getting those eight hours in. 

So, you're probably wondering: how can I achieve a restful night's sleep? 

Thankfully, there is a natural remedy to sleep deprivation that many people already have in their kitchen.

What's the secret ingredient of this remedy, you ask?

It's Himalayan sea salt!

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The video below explains the amazing health benefits of Himalayan sea salt. It can help with everything from aiding our adrenal glands to fighting off disease and can even assist with weight loss.

Surprisingly enough, it can even help with depression by regulating serotonin levels in the brain. It also helps regulate melatonin, which is essential for sleep.

All you have to do is combine five teaspoons of raw, organic honey with one teaspoon of pink Himalayan sea salt in a jar. Then, place a small amount of this mixture under your tongue right before you head off to bed.

The following video explains everything in detail:

So, next time you're having trouble falling asleep, try this simple concoction. You'll thank yourself the next day when you wake up well rested.

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