Getting Older? You Don't Need Him To Put A Ring On It [VIDEO]

Ladies, it's about time that we started being honest with ourselves. There's no question that the older you get, the pressure to be in a committed relationship or get married by a certain age will pretty much become a constant presence in your life. But do you really have to have a boyfriend on your birthday just because the big 3-0 [insert fabulous age] has rolled around? Now that you're older, does dating have to become a priority? Contrary to popular belief, your shelf life has not expired.

Cyber dating expert Julie Spira touches on why it's imperative that you stay calm when it comes to dating. If you want to attract a relationship oriented guy, stressing out isn't going to get you any closer to finding the one. While it isn't easy being single, the alternative should never involve settling just because you think having a relationship will make you happy. If you and your prospective partner aren't on the same page, you'll only scare him off in the long run. You've got to stop worrying and let love come naturally. If Stella can get her groove back, why can't you? That said, if marriage is part of what you're really looking for, testing out online dating is a great start. Statistics actually show that couples who met online had a faster marriage rate than those who met organically. The numbers don't lie; the average dating courtship dwindling from 42 months to a whooping 18.5 months as opposed to 42 months.

If you're ready to take matters into your own hands, check out the video to hear even more advice on the best approach to love and online dating.