Woman Refuses To Wear The Wedding Dress Her Stepsister 'Handmade' For Her

She couldn't get over the fact that it wasn't her style at all.

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Working with family can cause problems. One woman was willing to take on these problems and allow her stepsister to make her wedding dress, but things did not go according to plan.

A bride refused to wear the dress her stepsister created for her when it didn’t fit her style.

A 25-year-old newlywed shared her story of dealing with family drama following her stepsister making and essentially ruining her wedding dress on Reddit.


“My father’s girlfriend ‘Stella’ has a daughter, ‘Zoey,’ who is finishing her degree in fashion,” the bride said. “She wants to get into the wedding dress industry once she graduates. When I started planning my wedding, she offered to design and make my dress.”



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The bride explained that she was unsure about allowing Zoey to design her dress but ultimately decided to work with her.

“I was hesitant at first, as I’d been excited about picking out my own dress,” she said. “I agreed because I didn’t know Zoey well (my father had only been dating her mother for two years), and I thought this could be a nice opportunity to bond. Also, I’d seen some of her work (she’d made a couple ball gowns in college), and she seemed honestly good.”

Problems seemed to arise almost immediately for the pair. “We met up a few times to discuss our ideas,” she stated. “During those, I realized our styles were drastically different, but we still managed to agree on a design.”

Although the bride felt that she and her stepsister had agreed on the dress, she discovered they had very different visions.


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“It took her longer than expected to finish it, and I didn’t get the dress until a month before my wedding,” she said. “It looked nothing like the design we’d agreed on. It was the wrong color, the wrong style, everything. It looked exactly like the type of dress Zoey would want to wear, but I knew I’d never wear anything like it.”

In addition, the dress “was also about three sizes too big.”


The bride made the difficult decision not to wear the dress her stepsister had spent so much time on. Instead, she and her maid of honor went dress shopping and found something perfect for her.

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“Fast forward to my wedding; I walked down the aisle in the dress I bought,” the bride said. “Zoey seemed to be on the verge of tears during the ceremony, and Stella gave me dirty looks throughout the reception. When I approached them a while later, they were both short with me.”

Even the bride’s father was not on her side. “My father, Stella, and Zoey left less than an hour into the reception,” she said.


Although the bride and stepsister’s agreement about the wedding dress was not legal or binding, it proved that you shouldn’t do business with family.

This bride and her stepsister did not have an official business relationship in a legal sense. However, they did have an agreement that services would be rendered.



Better Legal pointed out that this is never a good idea. “If you’re dealing with family, chances are there aren’t any formal agreements in place,” the outlet noted. “That can lead to a lack of accountability and makes it harder to resolve conflicts … As a result, good family relationships could be damaged — or even permanently broken — by one bad business deal.”

This woman and her stepsister got into an unfortunate situation in which more was expected of the stepsister than she could deliver with such little experience. The poor bride had to do what was best for her, even if that meant hurting her stepsister’s feelings.


It was her wedding, after all.

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