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Woman Explains Why She And Her Husband Refuse To Give Christmas Gifts To Each Other Or The Other Adults In Their Families

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As the Christmas season approaches, many people are beginning to fine-tune their wishlists and start searching for the best gifts to give their families and friends.

A woman named Loren Rosko revealed that instead of doing Christmas gifts, she and her husband have opted out of it entirely and chose to invest their money into something more meaningful for each other and the adults in their families.

She explained why she and her husband refuse to give each other and their family members Christmas gifts.

"I don't do Christmas gifts. My husband, my family, we just don't do it. So, I'm gonna tell you why and what we do instead," Rosko began in her TikTok video.

She explained that she and her husband had enough material items and that was what sparked the change in tradition.



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She pointed out that during the year if there were things they both needed or wanted, they tended to buy on the spot instead of waiting for Christmas or their birthdays to roll around. Rosko recalled telling her husband that she really wanted an air fryer, and a couple of days later, a package containing an air fryer arrived on their doorstep because he'd ordered it for her.

"He's like, 'Why wait 'till your birthday when you can get your money's worth and start cooking in it now?'" she said. 

Rosko and her husband chose to invest their money in experiences instead of gifts.

Another big reason why she and her husband have opted out of presents for the holiday season was that they both felt that Christmas was about spending time with your loved ones, and a huge part of that came with doing family gatherings and shared family excursions.

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"I have three nephews, and when I ask them what they want for Christmas they just want those video game gift cards," Rosko said. Instead of giving her nephews and other family members gift cards and money, they became "the gifters of an experience, both to each other and to other people."

Rosko and her husband started hosting a cookie decorating party with her nephews, taking them ice skating, and letting them choose an experience of their choice that they're interested in. Last Christmas, her nephews inquired about learning how to cook lobster, and since Rosko had never done it either, she and her nephews learned together.

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"The main reason we stopped giving gifts to the other adults in our family... 'cause there's so much stress trying to figure out what you wanna get someone for Christmas and you end up spending all this money," she continued.

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It's not just Rosko who felt this sense of overwhelming pressure and stress when it came to buying presents for people during the holiday season.

According to data acquired by Lending Tree, more than half, 56%, of those planning to give a gift said they were stressed about it. It was mostly true for parents with young children (66%), millennials ages 26 to 41 (64%), and women (64%).

Woman explains why she and her husband don't give Christmas gifts to each other or other adultsPhoto: lisegagne from Getty Images Signature / Canva Pro

Especially during a time when many people are feeling the effects of inflation and money not being as available as it once was, the holiday spending budget has become tighter and tighter. 

Instead of Rosko gifting her mother socks or a pair of pajamas, and not wanting to have money spent on her for presents that she either doesn't need or doesn't genuinely like, spending it on an experience has turned out to be a better thing for everyone in their family. 



"My mother-in-law started the tradition of taking me, my husband, and his brother to Cirque du Soleil for Christmas," she said. "And I love that. It's just a fun experience, but yeah, maybe try bringing that up to your family. Be like, let's not do gifts this year, let's just do something fun."

As Christmas steadily approaches, it's important to remember that a price tag attached to a gift doesn't really mean much, but what matters is putting thought and time behind it. Whether it's a gift you've DIY'd, or a family excursion, you don't have to break your wallet to have a meaningful and loving holiday with family and friends. 

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