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After Woman Adopted Her Little Brother Out Of Foster Care, She Brought Him To Disney World To Heal Their Childhood Trauma

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A Canadian woman named Hannah Robinson shared a chapter of her heartwarming sibling story on TikTok when she revealed to her little brother that they were taking a surprise trip.

After adopting her brother out of foster care, Robinson took him to Disney World.

Robinson shared a video of herself and 5-year-old TJ in the car together. TJ was sitting next to Robinson as she told him, “You and I are going to the airport right now to go to Disney World.”



TJ gasped in disbelief, then responded, “No, we’re not.”

“Our bags are all packed and we’re going straight there,” Robinson answered. When TJ realized she was telling the truth, he shrieked with joy. 

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The footage that followed was clip after clip of their trip to the Magic Kingdom, starting with TJ dragging his Minnie Mouse suitcase through the airport. Robinson captured his dancing, laughing, and playing, like a kid his age should have the space to do.

His gap-toothed smile was on display as they rode rollercoasters, as he blew bubbles, as he chased Robinson through a playground. TJ eats waffles with whipped cream and berries. He took photos on his own camera, to make sure he’d remember this life-changing trip forever.

Having fun is integral to a child's development. Play is how kids learn and how they develop confidence. Fun is something we could all stand to have more of, as it nurtures the souls of kids and adults alike.

After Woman Adopted Her Little Brother She Brought Him To Disney World  Photo : Yan Krukau / Pexels 

“I can’t believe how lucky I am,” Robinson noted at the end of the video.

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By adopting her brother, Robinson gave him the gift of a forever home and gave herself the gift of raising him, healing both his wounds and her own.

The Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada reports that about 59,000 children across Canada live in foster care or institutional homes. In the United States, approximately 391,000 kids were reported to live in foster care. 

Robinson shared that she spent years fighting to adopt her little brother out of foster care, and now, they’re working to heal.



She revealed that TJ was born into foster care, and had lived in the system for all 5 years of his life. Yet Robinson is giving him a chance at another version of life: One where he’s nurtured in a loving, stable home, raised by his family.

After Woman Adopted Her Little Brother She Brought Him To Disney World  Photo : Mizuno K / Pexels 

Robinson’s post of their trip to Disney World has almost 10 million views, a testament to how touching their story is.



Healing generational trauma is part of a lifelong journey, one that’s definitely not linear.

By taking TJ on such a valuable trip, Robinson made love an action word and showed her brother the extent to which she cared for him. Robinson even created a GoFundMe for her brother, so that she's able to offer him "whatever he needs to have the brightest future possible."

Her care goes beyond offering protection and providing for his basic needs. Robinson is helping TJ have fun, which is healing in its own right. His joy is palpable and it will reverberate in his memory for years to come.  

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