7 Subtle Signs Your Dad Hates Your Husband

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He's the man of your dreams yet someone doesn't agree that he's all that dreamy: your dad! It's not fun when your dad doesn't approve of your main squeeze and sometimes it's more difficult because daddy dearest won't admit outright that he doesn't like him.

And somehow, you and your partner know the guy hates your husband's guts. If you aren't sure if your dad is on "Team Husband," read this list to decide for sure if poppa hates your man.

Here are 7 subtle signs your dad hates your husband:

1. He makes comments about your man's career choice

Does your dad comment about your husband's choice of employment frequently? Questions about his salary, ambition, or job function in a less-than-approving manner (sarcasm, criticism, or skepticism) suggest outright that your dad hates your husband.

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2. He openly wishes you married someone of the same religion

Did your Jewish dad want you to marry Jewish? Did your white poppa want you to marry "in the race"? If you went against your father's wishes and married someone that didn't fit in his vein of "the right man," he might hate your husband.

3. He ignores your husband

Does your dad blatantly ignore your husband or is he more subtle — avoiding conversation when they're in the same room together? He's avoiding him for a reason and not a good one.

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4. Nothing is ever good enough for your dad

Does your husband ever help out at your parent's home? Does your dad find flaws in your love's "help"? Is your partner's "handyman" workmanship constantly questioned? Does your dad point out these supposed issues with your husband? Does your dad find fault in anything your partner does? Your dad doesn't like him and can't bother to see the good in him.

5. He favors your sibling's spouse

If you've married or partnered siblings, does your dad flock to your siblings' partners at holiday time? Does he seem to have tons to say and do with your sister's new boyfriend but can't manage to show the same effort to your sweetheart? Quite frankly, he prefers him to your betrothed.

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6. He thinks you can do better

If you have an argument with your spouse and your dad somehow catches wind of this, does he remind you how your old boyfriend was so much nicer or flat-out says, "You could do better"? If the answer is yes, he believes you could do a whole lot better and maybe he's right. Only you know the answer.

7. He puts on a tough guy act

If your dad is always playing the tough guy act with your husband, chances are he feels threatened, disrespected, or disgusted by the person you chose to spend your life with. That, and the idea of someone "bedding" his daughter is probably getting under his skin. Either way, he sort of hates your dude.

Dads hold their daughters' partners to high standards. They can't help it. For some of these reasons, they can be impossible to bend.

Some people are so set in their ways that there's no way out of their thought processes. But perhaps your dad may be onto something if he doesn't like your man. Only you know if your dad is being a big pain or if he's pointing out the obvious: that your man isn't good enough for you.

The only person who knows the truth is you, and if your dad is acting like a baby don't be afraid to tell him how you feel. But expect that he might not like what he has to hear.

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