Student Wonders If She'd Be Wrong To Ask Her Mom Not To Bring Her Infant Sister To Her Graduation

"Babies cry, poop themselves, and are generally annoying at social events."

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A soon-to-be graduate is contemplating telling her mother not to bring her infant sister to her graduation ceremony, worried that the baby may be disruptive or distracting during the event.

While the girl was hoping to avoid the “embarrassment” the baby may cause, many people argued that her mother has a right to bring her other children along.

The girl wonders if she would be wrong to tell her mother not to bring her infant sister to her graduation.

Sharing her story to Reddit, the girl revealed that her parents are divorced and that her mother recently had a baby with her new partner.


With her graduation approaching, the girl’s mother was hoping to attend with her partner and the baby to watch her receive her diploma.

However, the girl does not want her baby sister to be present.

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“It just popped into my mind, babies cry, poop themselves, and are generally annoying at social events,” she wrote. “It would be super annoying and embarrassing if she just started crying, yelling, and shouting in the middle of the event.” 

The girl added that after the ceremony, her mother wants to take her out to dinner, but she does not want the baby to come to the restaurant. “It would be even worse if she started it all at the restaurant,” she wrote.

The girl asked others if it was within her right to request that her mother either find a sitter for the baby or not come to the graduation at all.

Redditors were divided in the comments section. 


Some people believed that the girl’s baby sister was a part of her family and that she could not ban her from graduation if she wanted her mom there. 

“In an event of 500-600 people, there is no way this baby will be the only baby there. It is unreasonable to ask any mother not to bring a two-month-old baby who will likely sleep through the event if the event is considered family-friendly,” one Redditor commented.

“The world does not revolve around you, and babies will exist whether you like it or not.”

“You’re wrong for having the mindset that would judge someone who is trying to be there for the graduate they love and is a parent,” another user wrote. “And if your peers are such small-minded morons that a baby crying would ruin the whole thing and embarrass you, none of you deserve any of the accolades that come from being educated adults.”

“This isn't how it works. I think you are just a young kid who is resentful of your new sibling,” another user suggested.


Others pointed out how difficult it can be for some parents to find childcare and that if they want to be there to support their other children, they have no choice but to bring their siblings along.

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However, others believed that the girl had every right to prefer her mom not bring the baby to her graduation.

“This is the girl’s event. If she wants the focus to be on her without having to worry about everyone paying attention to the new baby, there should be a way to make that work,” one Redditor commented.

“Some people don't like babies or being around babies… since this is an event for you, I would at least talk to your mom to let her know about your concerns,” another user advised the girl.


“It’s your big day, and obviously, you want the attention to be on you and deservingly so,” another user wrote.

Others speculated that the girl may be jealous of her new sibling, is still adjusting, and wants her mother to herself on her graduation day. If this is the case, it is worth having a conversation with her mother to see if they can work out a fair plan that works for both of them.

Even though her mother has every right to bring her youngest child to her daughter’s graduation, it might be worth getting a sitter if possible. 


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Graduation ceremonies are excruciatingly long, and even some of the graduates themselves do not want to be there. Babies and young children may have trouble sitting through the event and have to be taken outside if they are making too much noise.

If this happens, the girl’s mother could potentially miss watching her daughter walk the stage and earn her diploma, a moment she worked hard for.


While the girl’s feelings are valid, it is ultimately up to her mother whether or not her baby sister tags along, as graduations are open to family members of the graduates, even babies.

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