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Stepmom Steps Up To Take Kids To Their Father Daughter Dance After Dad Just Never Shows

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A parent's responsibility is to be there for their children, whether it be cheering them on at a recital or playing with them around the house. 

In this case, a dad, who was supposed to take his two daughters to their father-daughter dance, never showed up to take his children, but a hero stepped up to take his place.

The mom's wife stepped in to take the little girls to their school dance.

Samantha Wesnesky, the mother of the two little girls, shared her story and her frustrations on social media.

According to Wesnesky, her ex was initially very excited to be going to the dance. He bought the tickets in advance and dropped off the girls' dresses the day before the big event.



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Unfortunately, on the day of the dance, he never showed up. Wesnesky claimed that the little girls waited for over an hour for their dad to show but they couldn't reach him and he never came. 

To calm them down, Wesnesky and her wife tried playing games with the kids in order to distract them, but understandably, they were disappointed.

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Wesnesky’s wife made the decision that she was going to take the girls to the dance instead.

“There is no excuse why this man was not here at my door at 4:30,” she angrily stated.

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Wesneky said her ex overslept and that was why he missed the dance.

Wesnesky shared that sadly, this was not the first time the girls' father had been absent during important events. Wesnesky claimed to let it go each time because it meant more time she got to spend with her girls, but this missed date was somehow worse, likely because he seemed to make such an effort and show such enthusiasm for it.

Although Wesnesky would have been honored to go to the dance with her daughters, her wife was the one who enjoyed the dance floor the most, so it made sense for her to go instead. 



Within an hour and a half of posting her first TikTok Wesnesky's ex texted he had overslept. He claimed that life had been rough for him the past three days and that he was “in a really bad spot,” but he never meant to disappoint his girls.

The father then reached out to their oldest daughter and apologized. 

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The moral of this story is that blended families can be beautiful.

Regardless of the situation, her daughters still got to go to their dance and have an amazing time.



Co-parenting isn't easy and things happen, but thankfully, Wesnesky has a wife who is more than happy to be a stepparent to her kids. 

While their dad will always have a special place in their hearts, blended families mean more love and joy for kids, and ultimately that's the most important thing.

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