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Sister Asks Bride If She Can 'Borrow' Her Wedding Photographer For A Maternity Photoshoot On The Same Day As The Ceremony

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A bride was left feeling conflicted after her pregnant sister asked her a pretty significant favor that would affect her wedding day. 

Now, the bride wonders if she was being unreasonable by having no desire to honor her sister’s favor on her big day. 

The bride’s sister asked her if she could ‘borrow’ her photographer to use for her maternity photoshoot on the wedding day. 

Sharing her story to Reddit, the bride revealed that her sister, who also happened to be her maid of honor, put her in a difficult situation regarding her wedding photographer. 

Since the bride’s sister is currently pregnant, she asked if it would be possible to “borrow” the wedding photographer to shoot her maternity photos, but she wanted the shoot to take place on the same day as the wedding. 

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The bride’s sister claimed it would be a perfect opportunity since she would already have her hair and makeup done for the wedding. Guess who didn't think it was a great idea?

Sister Asks Bride If She Can Borrow Her Photographer For A Maternity Photoshoot On The Wedding Day Photo: Olga Savina / Shutterstock 

“Am I the [expletive] for not wanting her to have her pictures in the same style in the same place on the same day and with the same makeup and hair as my wedding pictures?” the bride asked.  

While her sister promised to pay the photographer herself instead of using the money the bride paid him to shoot her wedding, she still believed that poaching her photographer to do her maternity photos on the same day as her wedding was inappropriate. 

However, she confessed that she felt “selfish” and sought the advice of other Redditors as to whether or not she was acting unreasonably. 

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Most people believed the bride should say no to her sister's request. 

“It is your wedding day, so no, you are not selfish for not wanting a pregnancy photoshoot of the MOH [Maid of Honor]in the middle of it. She is selfish for asking,” one Redditor commented. 

“It seems like she's bogarting your location shoots on top of everything else. IT’S YOUR DAY,” another user pointed out. 

Others noted that there would be no time for the wedding photographer to do a maternity shoot during the wedding. 

Sister Asks Bride If She Can Borrow Her Photographer For A Maternity Photoshoot On The Wedding DayPhoto: Erstudiostok / Canva Pro

“You hired the photographer for the wedding. It is unfair to the professional because they are here to cover the wedding and someone is asking, ‘Hey can you quickly do another shoot since we are in the same location?’ Not a good look at all,” one user wrote. 

“As a photographer, I would NEVER do another photo session the same day I was shooting a wedding,” another user revealed. 

“Photography isn't a simple ‘show up, take pictures, then done, give me a bunch of money.’ There is prep work and then of course, going through hundreds or thousands of photos and selecting the best ones that tell as much of the story as possible, then editing, among other things. I calculated even my simplest photo shoots take four to five hours of my time altogether to fully complete.” 

A wedding day should be all about the couple getting married, not about the pregnant maid of honor who wants a maternity photoshoot. 

Having a baby is a major life event but so is getting married, and there's a good chance the bride's sister spoke without thinking.

If the bride’s sister wants to use the wedding photographer to capture her maternity photos, she is more than welcome to schedule another time to do so with them.



However, her sister’s wedding day should be solely about the bride and the groom. If this bride-to-be just brought it up to her sister she'd probably realize the absurdity of her request in short order.

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