Scary St. Nick! 7 Kids' Priceless Reactions To Santa

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toddler scared of santa

Big kids know that Santa's a good guy — he spreads cheer, brings presents, and loves milk and cookies. But the bearded man dressed in red and white starts out a stranger.

How are kids supposed to act when you tell them he watches when they're sleeping? And he knows when they're awake? Never got the right vibe from that guy.

No wonder some little boys and girls are nervous, if not downright frightened, the first time they meet Santa Claus. It's also weird to have to pay for your children to sit on a stranger's lap during Christmas time. And people continuously do this? All to keep up some elaborate hoax?

Ho-ho-hold on a minute. Who is this guy? Is he really the one that gets to eat all the cookies with all the glasses of milk in the world? There's no way he's able to fly to every single house in one night. Yet, we ate all this up as a kid.

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To be fair, I couldn't discredit him as a kid because I hadn't seen him so he could have been real. I tried to catch him in the act but, and this still rings true to this day, I couldn't stay up past 9:30 p.m.

Here are kids' hilarious reactions to scary Santa Claus.

1. Brave little girl refuses to smile for the camera

You took this girl out of her parent's arms and into the waiting hands of a big stranger. Me too girl, me too. I also would not smile.

2. Baby boy cackles at Santa

This baby sounds evil... they'll do just fine with Santa.

3. Little girl wants nothing to do with Santa... or candy canes

This baby is going to grow up to be the Grinch of the family. She'll probably also request that move at every Christmas hereafter.

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4. Brothers agree: This Santa guy's creepy

There's nothing quite like trauma bonding with your siblings.

5. Scared baby girl makes friends with Santa

There's some hidden lesson in this about making friends with your inner demons or whatnot.

6. Someone's fur baby, a toy poodle, attacks Santa with kisses

Maybe he's not actually that bad. After all, we all know how good a dog's instincts are.

7. Baby girl strikes a hysterical pose

Without the context from the before video, it looks like that girl had a great time.

I think it's kind of beautiful how we can still relate to things that affected us when we were younger. I know I still cry and struggle when a grown, strange man hugs me.

Putting up small little elves is weird. I also have a suspicion about what my parents say now that I know they were able to lie to me that easily during my childhood.

On the other hand, I didn't turn out so bad.

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