People Concerned For Young Girl's Safety After Hearing A Sweet Message She Left On Her Family's Doorbell Camera

Well wishes or a cry for help?

Last updated on Mar 11, 2024

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For parents, the introduction of doorbell video systems like Ring has been a lifesaver, allowing them to monitor their children’s comings and goings whether the are home or not.

A mom named Jody Jo recently shared a video of the unique way her daughter chooses to use her family’s doorbell camera before starting her day.

The young girl took the time to leave a loving message on her family's doorbell camera when she left to go to school.

The video begins with the young girl exiting her home with her backpack on. The caption reads, “Every morning, my daughter leaves a message.”


After closing the front door, she puts both hands in her pockets and turns to face the camera.

The first part of her message is an update for her parents. She says, “I’m going to school. See ya’ll later. I love ya’ll and hope you have a nice day.”

Those words would have been an unexpected gesture of kindness for most parents whose kids had stopped to wish them well, but the young lady doesn’t stop there.



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She continues, “Drive safe if anyone drives while I’m at school. I hope ya’ll drive safe.” Her sweet words and caring demeanor are enough to make any parent proud.

Before leaving, the girl has more to say. “I hope ya’ll have a nice day and I hope you accomplish all your goals this year.”

With that, the video ends and she presumably walks off into the cold, dark morning to head for school.

While some were moved by the young girl's caring message, others explained why they believed it was a cry for help.

According to the 2014 School Health Policies and Practices Study published by the CDC, 83% of middle schools and 93% of high schools start before 8:30 am, meaning kids and teens who either take the bus or walk to school are often doing so in the dark morning hours, as is seen in the mom's TikTok. This has led to incidents such as kids being hit by cars and even attempted abudction while waiting for the bus in the dark. 


With this in mind, many people pointed out in the TikTok's comments that the young girl's message could be her "crying out for someone to come stand with her.”

“I feel like she does this out of fear of something happening to her," someone wrote in the comments, adding, "It's dark and she's alone."

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Unfortunately, not every parent has the ability to wait for the bus with or drive or walk their kids to school.

Though many people were worried about the student’s well-being, some stepped into the comments to remind everyone that this is not out of the norm for many families.


“So… none of y’all waited for the bus to school in the dark by yourselves? Yeah alright,” one woman quipped.

Another TikToker piggybacked, saying, “Some of y’all are really blessed. Not every family is able to drop off their kids!"

According to CBS affiliate KTVL10, located in Medford, Oregon, there are some safety measures parents can take to better protect their children at the bus stop, including equipping them with flashlights, instucting them to stand at least 10 steps away from the road and wearing reflective clothing.


There's no denying this young girl's sweet soul leaving a message is a heartwarming one for her family, and a sentiment that can be returned by ensuring she's as safe as practical on her walks to the bus stop each day.

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