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Mom Whose Family Was ‘Adopted’ By School Says She'll 'Never Do It Again' Because Her Kid Got Better Gifts Than She Did

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The holiday season can be extra difficult for those who are less fortunate. Luckily, various donation programs help supply gifts to those who may not be able to otherwise afford them on their own.

One mom whose family was a recipient of one of these programs, however, is being called ungrateful after she appeared to be jealous of the gifts her kids received.

In a screenshot from Facebook posted on the subreddit r/ChoosingBeggars, a mother complained about the gifts she was given for the holidays by her son’s school district. 

The mother explained that her family was 'adopted' by her child’s school. Some school districts “adopt” students and their families who are less fortunate or struggling financially and buy them gifts for Christmas through holiday programs. It's a thoughtful and heartwarming gesture in tune with the holiday spirit — but this mother felt the complete opposite.

​“So we got gifts from [my son’s] school this year cause I guess we got adopted,” the woman shared. “[My son] made out like a bandit as we figured he would.”

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However, after her family received all of the gifts, she claimed she would “never do it again” after her child received "better gifts" than she did.

The woman revealed that she and her husband also got a few gifts, but she was displeased with what she received. 

“I got a bag of hygiene products, most of which I won’t/don’t use,” she wrote. “First and last time doing that.” 

Mom Whose Family Was ‘Adopted’ By School Says She'll 'Never Do It Again' Because Her Kid Got Better Gifts Than She DidPhoto: Reddit

“At least I have one gift from my kid although he keeps trying to open it himself,” she added, noting that she "hates Christmas."

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While some sympathized with the mother’s frustration, ultimately, the holiday season should be about giving.

At the outset, this mother's frustration with the gifts she received does feel at odds with the purpose of the holiday season. However, mothers are notoriously largely forgotten when it comes to gifting.

“I do understand the frustration some moms go through since they are often overlooked when it comes to gifts,” one user commented. “Maybe she just felt insulted that someone thought what she needed was soap.”

Despite often being the sole family member responsible for making the holidays magic, moms are often left without any presents under the tree unless they've bought them for themselves.



In fact, in 2021, People reported on a survey of 2,000 American women that found that 65% of women have had to shop for their own gifts themselves. And those rare times they are gifted with a surprise, those gifts are often "thoughtless."

This family's case, however, is a little different, as the gifts were donated, which likely makes them more impersonal as they're meant to be fit for a large audience.

“Something is better than nothing,” one user pointed out.

"I'd never complain about a donated gift," another person said. "It's super kind that the parents got anything at all,” they added.

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