Mom Gets Support From Other Parents For Getting Box Braids In Her Hair After Her Daughter Says She Wishes She Had Hair Like Her

She wanted her daughter to feel accepted and supported despite their physical differences.

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A mother is receiving positive feedback from social media after explaining why she chose to get box braids in her hair. Box braids are a protective hairstyle where sections of hair are divided into square-shaped parts and then braided. The name "box braids" comes from the square-shaped sections or "boxes" that are created when parting the hair. 

While some may have viewed her decision as culturally insensitive, her choice came out of fierce love for her children. 


The woman got box braids after her daughter wished that she had hair like her mother’s. 

Box braids are a popular hairstyle within the African-American community, and it's often viewed as cultural appropriation when white women adopt the look. However, when one white mom decided to get box braids, she had a perfectly reasonable and heartwarming explanation. 

Lauren Depina, a mother of two daughters, took to TikTok to share what inspired her to get the braids. “The main reason I got box braids in my hair is for my daughter,” she says. 



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Depina’s eldest daughter, who is biracial, expressed her desire to have hair that was simple, and easy to style, like her mom.

Depina said that her daughter’s words broke her heart, and gave her a new perspective on hair. 

“Yes, I can do a French braid or a Dutch braid on you and it will last a day or two. You’re gonna have to rebraid your hair in a way that is more protective and will last longer,” she explained to her daughter. 

“But it’s also just as important to show them that a hairstyle that will last longer in their hair and is more protective for their hair is gorgeous and beautiful.” 

Mom Gets Support From Other Parents For Getting Box Braids In Her Hair Photo: Samuel Borges Photography / Canva Pro


To ensure that her daughter recognized the beauty of her own hair, Depina chose to get box braids so that the two of them could have matching styles. 

Many people praised Depina for her actions and for boosting her daughter’s confidence. 

“I love it! My daughter and I wear matching braids too!” one TikTok user commented. 

“You sound like a great mother! Keep it up!” another user wrote. 

“I’m a Black woman and this is a wonderful reason and something I’ve never heard before and I applaud you for being thoughtful in such a unique way,” another shared. 

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Others applauded the mother for making her decision to celebrate a different culture rather than appropriating it. 

By wearing box braids, Depina was able to make sure that her daughter felt accepted, loved, and supported. 

“This touched my heart so much,” TikTok user and hairstylist @ccminkhair1 said in a video response to Depina. “We don’t have to be the same skin color to appreciate one another and to help one another out.” 



She said she “absolutely loved” Depina’s idea of teaching her daughter to embrace her hair instead of wishing that she had a different kind. 


She also pointed out that just because some white women wear braids in their hair does not mean that they are trying to “act Black.” 

“She [Depina] just wanted to embrace the hairstyle!” 

Teaching your children about the unique beauty of their hair not only helps their self-esteem but also fosters an appreciation for diversity.

Encouraging your children to explore different hairstyles and experiment with their hair also encourages creativity and self-expression, allowing them to develop their unique style. 


Even if you and your child may have completely different hair textures does not mean that one is more radiant than the other! 

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