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Distraught Mom Asks For Sympathy After Being Criticized When Her Son 'Destroyed Everything She Owned'

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Charmaine Yarde destroyed home

A woman was left stunned after her son's mental health episode resulted in a viral video that caused him to get shamed online.

In a video that was shared without her consent, the mom recorded the damage her son caused in her home.

As she walked through the home, it appeared as though everything that could have been broken, was.



Windows were shattered, appliances were knocked over, and even permanent fixtures like countertops and walls were not spared from the boy’s destruction.

The mother can be heard crying as she takes in the damage her child had done, and to add to her despair, the person to whom she sent the video later betrayed her and decided to share it on social media, where it soon went viral.

To add fuel to the fire, the public scrutiny that followed called the mother’s parenting into question and prompted social media users to comment on the punishment they thought her son should suffer.

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The mother of the 15-year-old boy who destroyed their home went online to clear up misinformation.

Although it was initially reported that the son was 12 years old, his mother said that the boy was 15. She further described him as six feet tall and 270 pounds, giving everyone an insight into how he was able to cause so much devastation.

The original tweet claimed that the reason her son destroyed their home was that she took his phone away — none of which was true. Per the mother, her son has suffered from mental health issues since he was a small child, and the incident was due to his refusal to take his medication.

Due to a recent surgery she had undergone and the boy’s size and strength, his mom was unable to stop his violent attack. She was resigned to locking his sister in a room for protection and yelling out for help.

One Twitter user assumed that the distraught mother had shared the video and openly criticized her actions, seemingly unaware that the mom didn't share the video herself.

Others empathized with the struggle she was having in dealing with her son and offered encouragement.

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The woman had already lost everything once before.

The woman moved to Florida five years ago and had experienced homelessness with her two children as the family she had lived with previously could not tolerate her son’s unstable behavior.

Eventually, she was able to provide a home for her family and get back all she had lost. However, now that she has lost everything once again, the mother will need to put her financial resources into replacing all the things her son destroyed.

To assist with the damages, a friend has created a GoFundMe on her behalf with the goal of bringing in $10,000.

Since then, the campaign has raised over $30,000.

Understanding that she is unable to handle her son’s destructive outbursts and the mental health treatment needed, the mother understands that he will no longer be able to reside in the home. She is being assisted with resources to help her and her family recover from the traumatic incident.

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If you know someone in need of mental health services, reach out for help: National Alliance on Mental Health – (800)-950-6264 or 988 Suicide and Crisis Hotline – Dial 9-8-8

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