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Mom Charged $450 For Her Two Daughters To Have Their Hair Braided After Being Told It Would Be Free

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It is no secret that a hairstylist can bring confidence to a person with their artistic ability. It takes a lot of schooling and skill to be in the beauty industry and that means some services can cost customers a pretty penny.

So when a stylist offers to work for free, it can be hard to turn down — but for one mom, the alleged offer turned into a nightmare.

A mom claimed an Atlanta salon promised to braid her daughters' hair for free in exchange for promotion, but they charged her $450 anyway.

The mom, Taye Price, was initially very pleased with her daughters' braids, even calling them “super cute" — until one of the stylists mentioned payment for the services.

“Payment for what?” Price replied.



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According to Price, the braiding services were supposed to be free as long as she agreed to promote the salon and stylist's work. As the TikTok video indicated, however, the agreement changed once the two stylists were asked to perform the braiding at her home over an hour away. 

They mentioned that the charge of $450 was in text messages, but Price argued it was never written in the agreement. She refused to pay and tried to kick them out of her house. “We are not leaving here until we get our money,” one stylist said.

The mother posted another video of the stylists being thrown out of her house, but they called the police to intervene.

As the stylists walked down the hallway towards the front door of the house, they were still bickering. “I am not paying y’all anything,” Price insisted.

Although she refused to pay, the stylists would not leave her front porch. In fact, they said they were going to call the cops on her, which they did.



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Fed up with the situation, Price wanted them off her porch and away from her house. Understandably, they refused to leave without payment.

After arguing and yelling back and forth, the stylists decided to before the police showed up. As they walked away, Price shouted again that she was not going to pay $450. “And that’s what it is,” she announced confidently.

Price tried to prove the services should have been free with a screenshot of their text messages.



“We are offering free braiding services, and we only ask if you could promote our video on your page,” read the text message from the salon.

Price further explained that the stylists never mentioned a $450 charge until after the services were completed.

Despite her proof, many people argued Price should have paid the stylists.

Outside of their agreement, many comments urged Price to think about her behavior in front of her kids and the lesson she taught them by choosing a confrontation instead of a calm discussion.



“I have time all day,” she replied. “That doesn’t make any sense. Maybe you should go look back at the video.”

Price also responded to a comment that called them “broke people."



The video Price and one of her daughters dancing while holding up the loser's fingers, with the text in the video saying, “POV: And I still have more money than you." Needless to say, she only added fuel to the comment fire.

This is a life lesson that the two stylists, Price, and her daughters will never forget.

It was obvious that sometime during the process of setting up the hair appointment to do the braids at Price's house, and the actual service, there was a major miscommunication. Unfortunately, instead of handling it calmly, which would have likely helped prove her point, the incident turned into a hostile exchange.



It doesn't really matter, who was right, in the end. It's about how you handle yourself and how you teach your children to handle themselves when emotions run high.

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