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Mom Of 6 Says Her Kids Are Only Allowed To Bathe Or Shower Twice A Week — And Doctors Agree

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It’s not easy to be a mom. Being a mom of six is unimaginable for some, and a tough reality for others. When you have that many kids, you have to stay organized and set some firm boundaries to keep everything in order.

One mom shared her large family’s plan to remain well coordinated, which included some controversial thoughts on showering.

The mom of six said her kids only bathe twice a week.

Sharon Johnson, a mother and content creator, recently posted a TikTok detailing the special things her family does to handle their chaotic lives.



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“I’m a mother of six and here are just a few things we do in our home to make our life a little bit more manageable,” she started the video. Her list included limiting screen time, not allowing sleepovers, basing allowance on age, and only getting a cell phone at the age of 12. 

Much of what she expressed sounded perfectly reasonable given the large size of her brood. However, one thing Johnson discussed got lots of attention, and not all of it was good.

“Bath and shower days are Sunday and Wednesday,” she said. “If you need a bath in between that, then absolutely. But, otherwise, that’s good enough.”

Many people online were shocked to hear this. “If someone told me I could only bathe two days a week … I’d be throwing hands,” one person commented. “I can’t imagine only having two baths a week during the summer months,” another person wrote.

All of the fuss led Johnson to make a follow-up video with an explanation.

After seeing how much discourse her comments on bathing had caused, Johnson made another video to talk about the topic in-depth. “People are very passionate about how often other people’s children should be showering,” she began.



“I’m curious, if your kids shower every single night, where do you live?" she questioned. "Because we live in an incredibly dry climate and all of my kids have really sensitive skin. If they showered every single day, their skin would be so incredibly raw.”

Johnson even backed up her claims with research, adding that experts say one to three times a week is ideal for kids, but stated that she understood this was not feasible for everyone.

“I understand if they’re a teen, if you live somewhere else, if your kids are playing sports every single day, but my kids are fine showering two to three days a week,” she said. “They’re fine most of the time. Obviously, if they need it more, they get it more, like I said in that video.”

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Johnson's claims are accurate.

The American Academy of Dermatology Association supports Johnson's beliefs, stating that children between 6 to 11 should bathe “at least once or twice a week.” 

The Association said that special consideration should be given when children are prone to getting particularly dirty, such as when they’re sweaty or spend time in a body of water. It’s not until children reach puberty that it's recommended they bathe daily. 

Despite this, many people commented on Johnson's follow-up video sharing that their children shower or bathe daily. However, some people seemed to be on this mom's side.

“We are a ‘when I can remember’ kind of house,” one person shared. “I’m embarrassed to say I don’t keep track,” another person commented. “It’s whenever I remember honestly.”

Clearly, there is a lot of debate surrounding bathing, especially when it comes to children. People are understandably passionate about their parenting opinions. It's important to remember that what’s best for you is whatever works for your family.

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