Miss Rachel Embraces Pride Month By Celebrating All Families— 'I'm Not Chasing Fame Or Views, I'm Standing Strong In Love'

She's showing love and support for the Queer community.

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The beginning of June marks Pride Month, a time for both solemn recognition of historic LGBTQ+ struggles and triumphs and a celebration of love without barriers and gender identities and expressions that traverse the human spectrum. 

Music teacher and preschool icon Miss Rachel sent a joyful, positive message to kids and their parents on June 1st while gently warning anyone who didn’t agree to see themselves out.


Miss Rachel embraced Pride Month by celebrating all families, declaring, ‘I’m standing strong in love.'

“Happy Pride to all of our wonderful families and friends,” she announced. “This month and every month, I celebrate.”

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“I’m so glad you’re here,” she exclaimed. “I’m so glad you’re exactly who you are.”

Telling her viewers that she accepts them just as they are is a message people of all ages need to hear. It’s a message that never grows old. It's a message that holds power.

Miss Rachel’s fans were quick to express how much her Pride Month love note meant to them.

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“This two-dad family loves you!” One man declared in the comments.

“Thank you for standing strong in love, Miss Rachel,” read another comment, signed, “A trans man who came out three years ago today.”

“As a two-mom household, we and our son thank you for recognizing us,” said another fan.

“My wife and I got married today,” one woman wrote. “Our parents weren’t there. I needed to see your kindness today.”

Miss Rachel’s post and the wellspring of support that followed it are examples of why representation matters so much. It always matters, but it also matters even more in this exact moment, as our political and social climate has veered into vitriolic and often violent territory.

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For everyone who welcomes, uplifts, and loves the Queer members of their community, there are people who spew hate. There are young people like Nex Benedict who lose their lives because of that hate, so deep-seated it turns to physical violence, to death.

It might seem dramatic and heavy, but it’s also true. Our world needs more people like Miss Rachel, those who are willing to stand up for their beliefs, no matter the backlash it might bring.


After declaring her love and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community, Miss Rachel sent a clear sign to any and all haters, essentially saying, “Hi, here’s the door if you disagree.”

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“To those who are going to comment they can’t watch the show anymore because of this support, no worries and much love your way, God bless,” she said, doubling down on her love while taking a strong stance against bigotry and hatred.


‘I am not chasing fame or views,’ Miss Rachel said. ‘I’m standing strong in love.’

The educator is no stranger to controversy after a recent public uproar surrounding a fundraiser for children in need left her in tears.

Miss Rachel’s commitment to the Queer community runs deep, extending past shallow lip service to diversity and equity into actual on-screen representation.

Jules Hoffman, a nonbinary cast member on the show, also received their fair share of online hate for using they/them pronouns for just being themselves.


Miss Rachel’s show offers kids joy, love, and music. It’s a balm for adults who weren’t given that kind of acceptance in their own youth.

Miss Rachel has proved over and over again just how powerful radical acceptance is, and how living a life rooted in love can heal us all.

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