5 Little Signs You May Be Way Too Obsessed With Your Kid

You should love your kid, but these behaviors take it to a different level.

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Everybody loves their kids. It's part of being a parent, this gut-wrenching, heart-pounding love. We all think our children are smart, funny, and adorable. Parenting comes with rose-colored glasses. And some would say that's lucky because if we didn't adore our kids we'd kill them. They're probably right. Then, some people find that statement offensive. These people don't love their kids like the rest of us. These people are obsessed


Here are 9 cringeworthy signs you're way too obsessed with your kid:

1. Every Facebook photo, update, status, or video stars your kid

Not most of them. Almost all of them. All of these pictures look the same. All of the potato-ish expressions look the same. Only the statuses changed: Kaytlyn sat up! Addyson rolled over! Nothing's safe — Jayden learned to walk! They write about Kyndly soiling her diaper like David Attenborough describing an undiscovered animal. Eventually, like everyone else, you hit ignore and carry on, until Mommy's posting blissfully to an internet of one: Grandma.

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2. You use the word "we"

The baby didn't get his six-month shots, we got our six-month shots. It shows an unhealthy identification with their kid if they do it more than, say, once. 

3. You ignore the needs of the public in favor of your child

Not babies crying in an airplane. Babies cry. Cooped-up children get antsy. But once, my friend was sitting in a restaurant when a woman loudly said she wasn't going to bother with the car or the bathroom. Then she hoisted her spawn onto the table and changed a smelly, double-ended blowout diaper in front of God and everyone. If you're this obsessed with your child at the expense of the general populace, you need a reality check.

@mom.ma.gi Kids can have big emotions at any point so my guess is that every parent has experienced their kids throwing a tantrum in public where there are strangers around.  For me, I knew this was going to happen so I actually thought about this and prepared myself as best as I could.   The most important preparation for myself was to know that most people have empathy for the situation so it doesn’t actually bother them as much when it happens in public.  So without the panic, I would not default to bribing and punishment because those two resolutions will lead to other longer team issues.  Instead, here are some ideas that I do when my little one throws a tantrum in public. 🔅Take deep breaths, don't pay attention to people looking at you. If the situation is too overwhelming, move your child to a safe place 🔅 Don't expect that the strong feelings will vanish when she moves to a safe spot 🔅 Get down to their level, acknowledge their feelings, and let the child know you understand what they want 🔅Set the boundaries, tell them what they can do instead of what they can't 🔅 Offer comfort if needed: If they allow, offer a hug or hold their hand while walking back My final thoughts on this topic is that I prioritize the development of my little one over worrying about what some strangers might feel when my little one is dealing with their big feelings in public.  Of Course there will be sensitive situations where we need to take other actions but for most cases, the public presence really shouldn’t impact the way we help our little one navigate their big feelings.  💬⬇️ Let me know down below aht you think on this topic. 💫Share with friends who can benefit from this. 💫Follow for more positive discipline + gentle parenting tips. #mindfulparenting #parentingquotes #parentingtip #parenting101 #parentingskills #respectfulparenting #childdevelopment #motherhoodquotes #lifewithlittles #mindfulmama #asianmama #positiveparenting #gentleparenting #consciousparenting #montessori #montessorikids #parenteducator #asianpareting #asiaparent ♬ In The Forest (Acoustic Indie No Copyright) - Instrumental - Lesfm & Olexy

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4. You relate everything back to your kid

Every word or idea that comes out of their mouths has to be referred back to their child. Mention your dog, and her immediate response is "Oh, Jaylinn loves dogs!" Mention world peace, and it's all "I hope we solve our problems so we can leave it a better place for kids. Kids like Jaylinn." This ability is so all-encompassing as to be baffling

5. You won't talk about anything else except your kid

You know way too much about their kid. You've been regaled to tales about their pooping habits, their bedtime routine, their soccer prowess, and their math scores.

Every parent does some of this stuff some of the time; it's normal. But when you find yourself doing it constantly, or doing more than one on the reg, you may run the risk of being obsessed with your kid. 


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