A Little Boy Of Divorced Parents Asked His Dad To Buy His Mom A Mother’s Day Present — And Was Upset When He Said No

Despite receiving no gifts, the mother demonstrated grace and maturity, setting a positive example for her son.

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When a little boy asked his father if he could buy his mom a Mother’s Day gift, he was devastated when his dad told him no.

However, after the boy’s mother learned of this, she took her son to buy a gift for his father’s new girlfriend instead of being bitter, explaining that she wished to lead by example.

The little boy was upset after his father refused to let him buy his mom a Mother’s Day gift.

In a TikTok video viewed nearly 10,000 times, Jessica Anne revealed that on Mother’s Day, her young son came to her “very upset” after her ex-husband refused to allow the boy to buy a gift for her.


Instead of taking the opportunity to lash out at her ex-husband or harbor resentment, Jessica chose to use it as a teaching moment for her son.

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She allowed her son to help her pick out a Mother’s Day gift that was not for her but for her ex-husband’s new girlfriend since she played a motherly role in her son’s life. 

“We went out and bought the new girlfriend a Mother’s Day present because I lead by example,” Jessica said.

In a follow-up video, she showed off the flower bouquet she and her son picked out for his father’s girlfriend before presenting it to her.

“This is treating other people the way that you want to be treated,” Jessica added. 

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Others praised Jessica’s attitude despite receiving no gifts from her ex-husband on Mother’s Day.

“That’s how it’s done! Well done on you,” one TikTok user commented.

“Good for you! You are teaching [your son] to be a proper man,” another user wrote.

Even if Jessica and her son’s father are no longer together as a couple, they are still raising a child together. They should acknowledge one another on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with words of appreciation, a card, flowers, or any kind of gift that demonstrates their gratitude for their efforts as parents.

Presenting the mother of your children with gifts on Mother’s Day despite your relationship can also foster goodwill and respect between co-parents, passing down a positive example to your children


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Most children mimic the behavior they see demonstrated by their parents. If they see your refusal to buy their mother a gift to thank her on Mother’s Day, they, too, will grow up disrespecting her.

It is important to put aside personal differences and honor the mother of your children on Mother's Day and every day to promote harmony and cooperation in your co-parenting dynamic for the sake of your children.


While her ex-husband may not be modeling a good example for their son, at least Jessica takes the initiative to steer him in the right direction, despite what her feelings toward her ex may be.

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